Help me with this cancer man!

  • Hello everyone!

    I really need your help. I've been dating a cancerian man for a few months now, its a recent thing but i like him very much and I know he likes me too!

    We had a fight a few days ago, it was my fault, just a stupid thing, I was being very annoying and he was very angry. He always said to me "I can t stand fights".....

    The next day i said i was sorry, but he just said that he wanted to be alone to think and decide some things... Never seen him like that before, i was so afraid!

    He didn t talk to me again, he blocked me on facebook and whatsapp, it been 6 or 7 days now... I respected him and left him alone, but what can i do now?? I can't lose him!

  • This guy likes to be in control and by your being 'annoying' and not as submissive as he likes his women to be, you made him feel he was not in control of you. So he backed off into his shell in order to bring you back into line. He will probably give you another chance once he thinks you have had enough time to 'learn your lesson' and been put into your place, but why would you want to stay with such a control freak?

  • If your saying he's a control freak, I don have that idea about him 😞 I was with him for a few months and nothing like this happened before... He was always very sweet, and I know he likes me.

    I was being annoying and asking something over and over again that he had already answered in the past. He shouted at me and said to stop. That was the last time we spoke, he said he wanted to be alone.

    I respected him and didnt call or text, just sent him a card yesterday saying I was sorry.

    What do you think I should do? I respect your opinion but I love him and just want to make peace.

  • He was born in 28th of july, 1978. I don't know if this helps...

  • What is your date of birth?

  • 21st of April

  • If he liked you, really liked you then what. stops you from contacting him. See him in person and tell him what you need to say. At least do it for your own sake and peace of mind. All the best.

  • You said he was a Cancerian but 28th July is Leo. Is that the right date?

  • Sorry.. It's June!

  • I'm sorry but I don't feel this relationship will last, even if the two of you make up this time. Your friend can be very sensitive and has come to see you as rather overbearing or domineering. He has a fear of being dominated esp. by a woman (likely his mother is/was quite autocratic) and has revolted by bolting. He is too fearful to stand up to you in person to say it is over so he blocks you on Facebook. Even if you got back together, the same sort of thing would happen again. He did enjoy feeling your love and affection, but you would have eventually grown tired of his moods and his constant neediness and dependence. A close friendship is also unlikely because of personality clashes.

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