• Here is your reading,

    I'll pick up on your feelings,

    A loss of control, emotions

    the future will be better, you will find something

    Someone gives a helping hand or advise...

    you will find what you need and be happy

    but you had some plans that fell though and your upset

    be careful not to want something so bad...feeling like I want it and I'll do what I need to, to get whats right

    don't just jump into need to think and plan....don't be hasty

    your also worried about pleasing someone or people

    the emotions and loss of control hangs with you but it lessons

    that feeling turns into a misunderstanding or something about not being on the same page

    then discontent sets in because of the arguing

    a reminder, free will is yours to choose;

    the reading is a snap shot of your feelings the choices you make will decide what you will do

    The reading is for you to see, from what I just felt was things will work out but you have some decisions make. Don't make a rash decision and don't want something so bad because it will cloud your judgement. When clouded like that clear thinking is not done and sometimes the best decisions are not made.

    not sure who the quote is from....but you get the jest,

    It's not the destination that counts it the journey how you got there that you will remember....

    hope that helps,


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