Can anyone see what's blocking me?

  • Hi there!

    Can't seem to get anywhere and have been like this for about eight years, on and off. My limbo state just drags on and on and every time I think I've found something, it slips through my fingers. Can anyone out there see what it is that blocks my path? Or am I meant to just find a tree, sit like Buddha and wait for enlightenment? What really annoys me is I guess what annoys most of us with psychic leanings: we can read for others, but for ourselves? Not on yer Nellie! Hohum, it's gettin pretty damned old, I can tell ya ... 😞

  • Cris,

    You were so helpful to me, I wish I could help you here, truth is I'm not psychic. I can't see things, I tend moreso to feel them. I truly understand your feeling about being able to help others and not being able to do the same for yourself. Maybe that could be part of the problem. If we can be so instrumental in others lives, why shouldn't we be able to do the same for ourselves? I mean there really is no Non-personal gain clause that comes with these abilities, that would be just ridiculous.

    The trick is to get beyond that fear of misusing our gifts, and find the best for ourselves as well. I know that's the answer, I can't just as easily say how to achieve that.

    But YOU deserve the best that you could possibly bring to you own life... so do I, so do we all. And I think WE really need to begin believing that, and acting upon that belief.

    Peace, & Blessings..

  • Occasionally, I see glimpses and I saw a block in the heart chakra---also the fifth chakra. So perhaps you are cut off from your passion, or even having trouble expressing it outwardly--You are a creative being, although perhaps there is a gap betweeen what you love and being able to see it in practical perspective. I think I heard it said, "one cannot fly into flying?" but one can reach for a change, and start slowly to implement it in small areas. Then, growth bleeds into every place in life. Try to break out of ruts, do something you ordinarily would not...even if it goes against your grain originally. And yes, spend time seeking enlightenment, for what we seek comes to fruition.

  • Firstly, thanks July4th for your lovely comments! I'm wishing someone or something'd come out of nowhere to point me in the right direction here, but still I wait ... But thanks so much for what you've said here; it's encouraging and shows a generosity of spirit.

    Yep Saphhire, you're dead on there. I've felt my heart chakra and solar plexus are both not opening too well lately and I've been listening to loads of meditation cd's to try and rectify that; including chakra balancing more importantly! But it's a slow process, so have to be patient. So thanks to you also for your comments; they're much appreciated 🙂

  • I am a little psychic but it comes when it wants to. Sometimes my guides pop images into my head from other spirit guides to relay, sometimes I just HAVE to say a phrase and it means something to someone. Sometimes I think something and an hour later, it happens.

    But I didn't get anything when I read your post. Usually I would get a thought/phrase, image or vibe or something that I had to put into words. I got nothing. I would LIKE to say that there's a blank slate there that's waiting for you to draw on. As I write this sentence, I'm compelled to say that if you usually stop dead-center in the middle of something for whatever reason, you have to keep going and something about a forgotten project and then I see paintbrushes, but of course, that could be my interpretation of the blankness that I got.

    Wish I could help more. If anything pops up I will let you know.

  • Thanks so much adylia. I think the reason you got very little/nothing is because the answer is not meant to be given to me right now. BUT, the unfinished project is something that does make sense. I did pick up paint brushes some time ago, but I did it more as an escape from a phase like this one about eight years ago. Maybe something could come from that long-forgotten art or the poetry which died three months ago (muse up and left and only pops up in dribs 'n' drabs of late). Am very lost, but have been trying to meditate, and do loads of outside work to move my body so I don't physically stagnate. The answer is coming soon tho'; I feel that.

    You did get something y'know, even if you think it was little or nuthin, and it's appreciated my friend, so thank you very much indeed for avinago. You just might have something there with the paint brushes ... hmm, must dig out that canvas ... 🙂

  • Cris you were so helpful to me the other night I wish I knew to what the answer is. The feeling that I get after reading these posts is that maybe you are concentrating too hard on finding a solution. When I saw the word paintbrushes I thought "aha" i think shes onto something. Focus on cultivating creativity and I think the problem will naturally resolve. I felt stuck before and I love music. I got a membership to download all the music I want and started to feel passionate again. You will get a pulse back not all is lost!

  • agree with lovinmylife here ...............

    trying too hard on acchieveing something will/can block it from you...

    just live your life loving and joyfully - forget about wanting to reach something like an insight. Trust in life to be on the point. All you need is to be open to it / your self. You can't force it. Let it BE.

    Someimes it is the litle things happening around you / in your life / inside you that matter and not the big "aha" effects. If you look back in a few months or years to this you'll see that you've moved on step by step without noticing it.

    Take care and be well.

  • Sounds familiar.

    Read this book "Conversations With God". No, don't scream it's not a bible it's the opposite rather. It will make u re-think everything u've been told by the world, u'll be so liberated, u'll question that very need u have inside u. I really want to be with u on this, to the end if u allow me. Yes it's very true we help others but can't do a damn thing for ourselves. We don't know how to tap into that magic yet we all possess it, (which makes it all pointless i guess)!

    I think i hear u. Read book 1 of the above mentioned book. Get it at Exclusive Books or even CNA. That's a necessary starting point. Just do it, u don't have to love it to do it. If this sounds tidius and depressing, take it easy, don't buy it, read it in the shop, first chapter. Then talk to me. We don't always have to feel excited to do these things, so just drag urself there when u have the time. U'll see.

    From Mathe.

  • I have been feeling really down over these last few days. Deep down i do know the real cause. However, just reading the comments that you have posted has catapulted me high in the air. In the hot second that i am writing to you i know exactly what it is that i have to do or more to the point should be doing.

    The Universe lead me and guided me to pursue this distance in finding the right information, as its true too much information can run havoc with your senses and leave you feeling worse for wear.

    So i just would like to thank you for your uplifting words of wisdom.

    That is your gift as a present to me.

  • Cris, what I find that works best for me and the others I helped is to start clearing/de-cluttering your home. Get rid of the old to bring in the new. Once you start with this then things will start going away like old relationships that needed to be cut. This will help you see more clearly. Wash your windows so you can beyond the trees. Once you get started and you will definately feel the difference. Start your own way to ask for guidance. Start writing down your goals and visual what it is that you want. But be clear on what you want. What you see is what you get.

  • Just a thought that came as I read your post. From the center of all things every way is the correct path. Look for the center and perhaps you will regain your true path. The one with heart and soul.

  • Hi Chris, I am in your same shoes and I don't know how to get out of it either! I feel blocked and lost. My world has changed so drastically that I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried everything I know of..........cannot find a job, cannot find myself anymore. I found love but I feel that I have to leave where I live and find work. I always had positive feelings but now they have changed. Is it possible to leave your current location? When you find your way out, let me know how you did it, every way is blocked for me.

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  • There's so many of you to say THANKS! to, I can't list you all, so I'll say a general thanks to all of you who have bothered to see what's holding me back, and posted something, anything to help poor littleoleme 😞

    I agree I'm trying too hard to find the answer, but it was said by someone earlier that they knew the answer down deep inside - I feel that too, just can't see it.

    sealaskalady has made some very helpful points, so I'll take a look on that site you suggested, plus clearing makes loads of sense. Have been doing some and keeping my body moving so it doesn't lock up on me as well as other things.

    divinewisdom, if my post has helped you on your way, I am happy for you and feel good my whingeing has resulted in something positive for someone else - go for it and good on ya!

    I'll also take a look at that book Conversations with God; sounds interesting (can't remember who posted that suggestion, but thanks!).

    moondreams, this is what's caused a lot of my difficulties too: I left a job I was enjoying in the city and here I've just been wondering about doing different stuff, trying to figure out what to actually DO with myself. Have cleaned houses, worked with animals, worked in a newsagent, written truckloads of poetry, done psychic/tarot readings at our local Festivals, yet am now a house mum (I'm Aussie) who spends a lot of time maintaining our house and grounds, of which there are a lot (grounds that is -we live on 17 acres)! I feel like a kept woman with no financial security of my own, and one who's flailing about trying to find that THING which I've been missing. Ah well.

    loveinmylife, the fact you wanted to help is enough anyway. Again, if I was of help to you, then I've achieved something! So thanks for your comments too - they're helpful anyway.

    As said above though, I do feel that the "answer" (buried down inside) isn't meant to come just yet. But I have this annoying sense of time running out which is why I am at this sort of desperate stage!! Anyone else feel this way also? Shew, it's bloody frustratin'!

    So to everyone (again) THANK YOU very much for your helpful comments and suggestions. I'll take 'em on board and start cleanin those windows ... funny, was thinking that the other day; been months since I did 'em! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello chris 1962, If by chance this is your birth year I feel that your age has brought you to an awareness of your life that we all come to sooner or later , you are really very sensitive and you have suddenly realized you need more in your life, and that is bothering you.It may be something as simple as more Humour , more social life more sponteniety , and a better understanding of why we are here. I was much older than you when I cam to think about these things, so you are very wise as well. one of the things that I still find helps me was accepting perhaps EARTH is school for the (Creator) and we all want to be in university with Him/Her. This thought has always helped me with my feelings of sprituality... Just trying to perfect myself in what ever I do. With that I feel I have a purpose. ... I also want to tell you that you can start with cleaning your windows... perhaps a little humour here ,, You see I once heard a song with a line I never forgot ..hope You like.....BROKEN HEARTS AND DIRTY WINDOWS MAKE LIFE DIFFICULT TO SEE. ........Leonida

  • Good comments Leonia. If you haven't considered yet.....ASK. Ask and you shall receive. I do that from time to could me a sign what I need to do to clear any blockages in my life. Ask yourself what you need. Maybe somehow you have done that and came on here and many great suggestions. Good luck Cris and everyone else going through changes...

  • Ah, yer all too fine! I like leonida's comments (and by the way July4thbaby, thanks for your comments as well and mentioning that I was of SOME help to you - it's always good to hear you've done something for someone else, so TA!) and sealaskalady I will email you. I have been on the site you suggested and wow, it's got some fantabulous info. I find I fit most of the "symptoms" listed for earth angels, so that makes me feel quite a bit better I have to say. And yes, maybe popping on here has been what I needed to get in touch with like-minded souls and find some direction into the bargain ...

    So again, thanks all of you for your wonderful help here! xoxoxoxoxoxxo

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