Needing insight

  • Hi, not sure if the forum posted my first message. I did want to know if anyone can provide a reading and tell me what will be coming up for me in terms of career transition in the next 6 months. I recently tested and passed with state but it does not look like there's much of a chance at employment right now. Anything else on the horizon? Thank you.

  • espearite

    I feel that you may have an offer from the state coming in the next six weeks, the pay or department may not be what you had in mind, but it will be a foot in the door situation for you.

    I also feel that you have other talents to give to this big world of ours and you need to think about how you can go about setting your wants in motion.

    The post office and UPS come in around you as opportunities also.

    I drew three crystal cards for you that said success for you in business bringing you honors and rewards in the future. Social invites and good social standing and reputation .

    Share your joy with us , we like to hear about that too.


  • Hi Shuabby, thank you for the reading 🙂 I will definitely share anything that comes to pass.

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