Please Interpret My Dream. Highly Appreciate it.

  • I recently saw a very hugely popular & respected Saint from our Country in my dream. but he looked shorter in height than usual. While he started to bless me, Initially I started to do the same as I not sure as to what to do as He himself was present there in front of me.

    later, while he blessed me, i just accepted like a little boy. He asked me if I want anything, I replied I do not want anything (as his blessing was enough).

    So after all this, I should feel some change in my life since Almighty himself blessed me but I do not feel any such change in my life.

    What could it mean ??

  • You did not accept his blessing, as you started to bless yourself. He ask if you wanted anything and you replied NO. I feel like you feel like anything in life you want you will get and achieve on your own. Although you were in awe of the Saint in your dream he looked shorter to you meaning that you did not trust him to fulfill any of your needs as you were afraid he would fall short of fulfilling them.


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