I need advice please. Skin-relate question.

  • I have lots of scars (mostly hypopigmented) due to acne and my awful habit of picking my skin imperfections. And i have been covering my body for already many years, wearing only long sleeve and clothes with high neckline. I sometimes buy clothe with normal neckline but shy to wear it, i am afraid of people's reaction.

    So i would like to ask you, please. Is it really a problem and i should continue to cover myself or maybe i am exaggerating it and if i uncover myself not so much people will notice with dislike my imperfections .

  • Marishkaa,

    First of all I would recommend that you talk to a dermatologist . We all have the habit of seeing more to our flaws than others would. Dermablend offers a wonderful line of products that cover a multitude of sins . Please check their site out also.

    Beauty is skin deep and sometimes we forget that the person we see physically has a soul that really can be more beautiful than a painting worth millions of dollars, or shallow friends that live life through looks and materials wants forgetting about spiritual needs for fulfillment.

    I wish you happiness within soon.



  • Shuabby, thank you for kind words.

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