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  • I'm a little rusty, but offering one free reading to the first person who responds....

  • HimWater girl. Thanks for offering. I would love a reading. Anything that comes up. Thanks. Nice to "se" you!

  • "See" you.

    I too would love to hear what the rest of the year has in store for me?

    Lights and blessing to you.

  • OK znl, I will post sometime today or tomorrow 🙂

  • Great. Thanks. I have always wanted a reading by you 🙂 but the opportunity was just not quite there. No rush, please take your time and when you can!!

  • Hi znl,

    Before getting into the future I felt the need to start with what is happening now and where you are on your path. It feels like you have hit a dead end in a situation and a new path is beckoning but you are having difficulty making the decision - there is mental conflict about what you will be leaving behind. Feels like a family situation or just a relationship with a person who is soul family. You see yourself as broken hearted...there was a betrayal or deception of some sort which you can see clearly and you want desperately to have the personal power to extricate yourself but something is holding you back. Some sort of sense of loyalty or needing to not disturb the peace, to maintain the status quo. Forgiveness is a start, but remember that forgiveness does not necessarily mean sticking around to accept further poor treatment or whatever the case may be. It just means letting it go. Collectively breathing in all the hurt, disappointment, etc. and then exhaling it out - releasing it from your physical and energetic body. Spirit wants you to be more assertive and to honor yourself more. You can speak up for yourself and state your wants and needs without it coming from an angry place. Assertiveness can be gentle. There is also a suggestion to take some time for yourself. Retreat and give yourself some space. First to ground as you are all up in your head and emotions are creating circular thoughts and emotional instability. And then to think about what you truly want next in your life. Relax and let the ideas flow to you. Get your priorities straight so that you can take action, but one step at a time and with a balanced, grounded state of mind. It's important for you to allow yourself to feel the way you feel and not judge yourself for it or allow others to judge you for it or make you feel as if what you are feeling is not important. Your soul is longing to take flight, but healing your heart is the first step. Be true to you and the rest will fall into place.

    I will try to peak into the next 6 months next. Hope this makes sense - like I said, I'm rusty!

  • I have to say this reading has been a challenge! On the one hand, I have this relationship issue that is holding you back, something that you need to move on from and get clear on what you want for yourself.....and on the other hand the reading on the next six months seems to be all about the work front.

    It seems as though you need to find clarity all the way around. That mental conflict is pervasive.

    So looking at the present situation, through the end of the summer, then through the fall, and then the winter through the end of the year...

    Once again the mental conflict is appearing in the present and some sort of deceit or just not seeing things clearly. It feels as though something was not fair in the work front and you were working harder than others, being given all the grunt work or just not receiving credit for our part (or others taking the credit). You are frustrated and bored.

    In the immediate future through the rest of the summer there is a decision made or the process of making the decision. There is time alone or distancing yourself from others and building on your inner strength. I see two females flanking you.

    In the fall there is a focus on bills, making more money, working hard to do so - but also a feeling of oppression or being overworked, yet you remain the loyal hard worker.

    As winter approaches and through the end of the year I feel a shift. Getting tired of feeling bound and chained and embracing your dreams - taking steps to foster and nurture them. I feel assistance from above and a very happy outcome.

    Once again though, I must stress the need for you to make a decision. You are feeling overworked, oppressed, unfulfilled, yet happy to maintain the status quo for some reason. This pertains to all aspects of your life, not just work.

    I keep getting images of he Hierophant and it is very complicated...feels like the relationship thing you need to release is connected but it also pertains to your work environment.

    Find clarity, znl, so you can be clear and make those decisions that are haunting you at the moment. You do need to take some time to remove yourself from any other drama or energy that is surrounding you so that you can truly check in with yourself. I see that new path opening before you, but it requires you to stop and drop all the baggage you have been carrying along with you. There's a box at your feet which contains a broken heart, but also a bunch of miscellaneous work stuff that is no longer needed. Stop carrying all of this with you! Leave the heartache and disappointment behind so you can move on with a much lighter load. You will feel lighter and happier and that feeling of stagnation will be a thing of the past.

  • Hi Watergirl, this is amazing. Thank you so much for your time and for your reading for me! I am out of town till this weekend so my reply and comment has to wait and I need to get to a quiet place to reply. In the mean time. Xxoo and lots of light sending from me to you!

  • Hi Watergirl,

    Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the reading and for your time. You are not rusty at all and I feel like you have nailed it as it pertains to me. For the present time reading I think it is definitely about the ex who made contact lately and I was very much struggling not to contact him back. You see it was a big birthday for him and I was thinking of him and then he made contact and so it was that much more difficult to not do anything about it. So, yes the mental conflict, agony and yes, being miserable and heart broken. My love for him was very deep and it has been difficult to get over and it all made me realize that I have a long way to go and my heart has not healed. So, struggling with doing nothing and leave it alone and kept the status quo. You were right. Letting go. Been trying to for a long time now.

    On another note, I had to make a work decision too and see if I should go to a new job in the same field (which i was searching pretty hard) or what else. It has been a disastrous year work related and I am hoping it is all behind me. I have to listen to the spirit as you say to be more assertive and to honor myself. I am worried sometimes that as soon as I truly correct people and set it straight (even in the gentlest ways) that they don't like it. It is really something I struggle with all the time and still do. Watergirl is it possible to tell me based on cards or your feelings "How can I manage my work relationships in order to make my new job a success?

    The next six month - As you picked up there has been so much stress, so many changes, decisions etc. Just crazy. I have been struggling to keep above the water and frankly it's been more like whatever I tried or did not, something else would fall apart and create more chaos and some things w huge consequences and worry. Part of the mental conflict besides the relationship/heartache issue, the work turmoil has been a situation where I was almost pulled into a legal issue without any choice of my own. So, that has been a huge concern too. Thankfully, that did not happen (just in the last few day by the way) but in the process, lots of financial strain and there is still open ended issues that are not clear but will consume time and money, stress and will have some possible consequences in the long run too. I am not sure how the most ordinary turn into such complications.

    I am hopeful about the shift you have written about. I am still keeping the positive attitude that the rest of the year will be better and the few things that either I made the decision or the universe made it for me will be hugely positive! This reading made me realize that how many things have been going around me. I am so glad for the positive feelings you had and for all aspects of my life and not just work or the ex situation etc. I am grateful to you. I want to get that positive energy and keep that as my mental focus. If you and I sat together and had coffee you would not have had a better, more clear image of my "being" than the one you got after this reading. I appreciate so much your advice and the kind note you have kept through the reading. I would be more than happy to do an angel reading for you any time if you feel it.

    May your summer and the rest of the year be the best for you. xxoo....

  • Hi znl,

    Thank you for the feedback - I appreciate it! I am happy to do a follow up reading for you, but am currently on business travel so most likely will not get to it until I get back. It's a struggle for me to stay grounded when I travel - so many people in airports, hotels, etc. and being away from my home base so I wouldn't trust anything I received right now!

    Take care and I will be back with you soon,


  • Hi Watergirl, it is me who thanks you. 🙂 Despite it being business travel, I hope it is also really nice and fun for you too! Yes, business travel isn't restful and I understand. Some days I wonder if we did not have to leave home for the Sake of business/expenses then we could stay home and out of trouble!

    The follow up reading can wait and you are so kind. Stay safe and happy. Xx

  • Hi znl, I'm back for a few days before I leave on another trip. Did you have anything specific you wanted to ask about the new job or would you just like to see what I pick up?

  • Hi Watergirl, welcome back! I am thinking whatever you pick up and if possible "How can I manage my work relationships in order to make my new job a success?"

    If when you have time, work travel and the work etc is too much. Btw, how is your kitty? Wishing you a happy week. Xx

  • And, thank you for remembering. Very thoughtful.

  • Hi znl,

    Sorry for the delay. I am going to try this tomorrow morning when I'm "fresh"

    Thanks for your patience!


  • Hi Watergirl,

    Please, it is no problem and there is no delay even if you are not able to do it any time soon. No pressure please. Take care and rest as much as you can with your hectic work schedule, travels and such. Hugs, xx

  • Hi watergirl, I would love a reading. I haven't been on this site in a very long time. If possible, anything about my daughter moving closer to me. Selling my house and buying a new one. Anything about a job. Just anything you see, would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • Hi Znl,

    So sorry for the delay. Life has been chaotic as of late!

    I'm hoping what I picked up on was the last job, but I got a strong sense of disappointment, struggle, and sensitivity. Repeating past patterns or something coming up again as a repeated lesson. The core of it is your belief in yourself. Confidence in who you are and your abilities. Believing in your worthiness to receive good things. A sense of feeling alone or wanting to shut yourself off from harsh energies, but what is necessary now is for you to embrace your inner power and face things head on and not run away or retreat into a cocoon. Recognize that the people in your life who are challenging you are there to teach you this lesson. Learn from what is going on in your life now and connect the dots to the past..what is the common thread? You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. You deserve to have the things you want in life. You know about the Law of Attraction...you must change your frequency in order to attract what you really want. Believe in yourself!! Do whatever it takes to boost up your confidence. You can stand up to others in a peaceful way.

    Hope this makes sense - let me know!


  • forgot to tell you about the crystals that came up for you...

    the first one I don't think is actually a crystal (lol)...it was Copper. The affirmation that comes with it is "I am open to healing in all ways." Copper has a healing energy and raises one to higher vibrations. It is also grounding and provides balance.

    then 2 others came through...Blue Goldstone and Serpentine.

    The blue goldstone affirmation is "I illuminate darkness to see the light in all." It reflects unwanted energy and says that light can always be found in the darkness. It also has a connection to the throat chakra so you may have to speak up about things.

    The serpentine affirmation is "I view obstacles as an opportunity for growth." it aids in learning lessons, healing and manifestation.

    So it feels like you may be re-experiencing difficulties in your new job. I know how difficult it can be to feel like you are in a repeating pattern and I hate saying it but look for the silver lining. All challenges have a blessing for us in the end. I feel that once you can truly "own" yourself as you are and have that unapologetic confidence in yourself, you will receive the blessings you so deserve.

  • Water girl, hi,

    First thank you so much for your time and for the reading. This reading and your advice plus the crystal and affirmation is so precious. Do I need to repeat and keep the affirmations?

    I am not sure if it matters what the timing of the reading is. To me it is about how to manage work relationships and the message is pretty clear there. Confidence without arrogance! The common factor here is the job type and then me ;)! I am so hoping for great good circumstances as clearly I was brought here for a reason. Thank you again I will keep it all in mind. Hugs to you and I hope your hectic week, weeks have tons of joy and that you are appreciated. I can tell how conciouncess you are and that how rare that is these days. Xx

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