7 Readings from Shuabby

  • Hello,

    I find that I do have some time today to come and do some readings. I hope all of you had a good 4th of July. We have been doing needed yard work, and when it is all done will have the beautiful results to reward us.

    Please state your DOB and your career if you are asking questions in regards to your work.

    Please keep to the one question reading that I am doing.

    State your DOB with all questions ask. Count how many requests are ahead of yours so that the limit of seven is not exceeded.

    I look forward to sharing my gift with you.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    I would like a love life reading for my bff who will be celebrating her birthday on 07-11-15 turning 40 and no signs of her soul mate. I would love for her to meet the right person this coming year! Thank you in advance

  • bugatigirl,

    How nice of you to do this for your friend.

    I receive that she is a woman unto herself and is capable of living the rest of her life alone if she so chooses. She is looking for a certain type of man and even must have a list of how she wants him to look ect. Noting wrong with that as it does help at times to draw what we are looking for to us. Soul Mates are usually the opposite of you so that they can help you to learn some life lessons and you them.

    I hear the name Ann or Anna is this your friends name?

    She seems to have little time for romance these days. I feel that she will meet a man that has something to do with the ocean, either he works in connection to it or he lives by the ocean.

    He will be a pieces man and have a personality that will suit her very well. I hear the name of William here and if this is not his name a person around him will have this name. He is a tall dark and good looking man and I see a uniform that he wears, due to his career. I feel two children around her and they may not be from her as they may be adopted or his.

    She stands a very good chance of being married before her next birthday. I wish her the very best in the year to come.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    How are you? Good to see your name here on the Forum....I have been away for a while myself 🙂

    Would love to hear what the rest of the year has in store for me.

    Thank you ❤

  • Hello Watergirl18

    I get right away that you will be taking a trip to the sea or ocean as this will help you unwind a bit as I feel some hectic energy around you. I feel a male child or grandchild that has problems listening and needs some healing like reiki to center them. Classes for you to do some added learning to add to your reservoir of gifts. You will be receiving many invites on a personal and business levels and awards and recognition. I hear piano music, do you play? as this is being given to do to bring you some peace and joy. You seen to have a concern coming through in regards to home repairs or even wanting to move from where you are. Start looking and also do some visualizing to bring the most wanted and needed residence to you. The residence will be stable and blessed.

    If you have a man that is challenging you the negativity will be will be sent back to them to help them learn and correct their actions, you also have to look at your role in this relationship. I also receive that healing is there for you in areas of love and passion.

    Stagnant matters will begin to move forward for you bringing action to your life.

    You need to keep your plans to yourself at this time as some people really do not know how to guide you better than you do yourself through your own inner guidance.

    It was a pleasure to read for you Watergirl18 and in the future I may give a shout out to you for a reading.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thank you! Yes, I will be heading to Southern California on a business trip on July 12th and will be there for a week. Really looking forward to being near the ocean! I will be finishing up my trip in San Diego and spending the weekend with my sister and brother-in-law on their yacht. It will be a welcome relief from both the desert weather and work 🙂

    I have three great nieces - the eldest will be 4 next month and I believe this is who you may have picked up on. She is a ball of fire!!

    I have been getting that message for a few months now - about classes to expand my gifts. So far nothing has presented itself, however I will admit that I haven't really looked (sheepish grin).

    I have been working toward the "next step" in my career for over 2 years now and feel like something is about to shift very soon so thank you for that confirmation. There is a possible transfer within my own company that could possibly lead to something more and I am hoping that this upcoming business trip will reveal some other possible opportunities. I am also hoping that business picks up as it has been a little slow for me the past few months so hoping your reading is confirmation of this occurring.

    I do not play the piano, but I think music is supposed to be a way for me to relax. When I got in the car this morning to go to the store, classical music was playing on a classic rock station - haha!

    I have been thinking about a move. Especially if I go proceed with the transfer at work as it will be a long drive from my current home. I also have some strange energy going on with my neighbor to the right - he was actually banging on my door in a very hostile manner last night at 10pm. Of course I didn't answer. At least I think it was him...that's what I got intuitively. He has problems with a gorgeous tree I have in my backyard - angry that I can't control the leaves or flowers from blowing into his yard!

    Stagnation has been the theme of my life on so many levels for several years now, so yes I am feeling that the energy is about to shift and will be very grateful for it.

    Thank you again Shabby and I will be happy to return the favor any time 😉


  • Hi Shaubby,

    I would like a love reading for he and I. Me 11-8-63 and him 8-29-60. What's the future hold?

    Thank you so much for this offering! Much Love and Light to you!


  • The Transformed

    I feel that this is a good match except for how money is spent, this could be a show stopper in the future. I feel two children around you either yours or his. A boy and a girl and the boy will blow a horn like no body business one day. House hunting comes into the picture here , if you are looking together than make sure that it is a fair deal is what I am receiving here. Look at the basement of the house for water damage and ask if it has flooded or floods in the area.

    Sports are shown to be something enjoyable for you both like biking and water sports.

    He can be a quiet withdrawn man at times that leaves you to wonder if things are OK with you two , so you will have to learn how to leave him to his own thoughts and just know that you have a good sixth sense as to the matter of your heart. Listen to it as it will not stir you wrong.

    I feel you have a future that will be written on the stars , meaning romance will stay in this relationship. You two can make this a lasting relationship if your hearts desire it, and your minds bond about what direction your future will go in.


  • Hi Shuabby

    Thank you for your reading. Yes, she has said many times when she feels that she will not meet that someone, that she could live alone for the rest of her life. She is picky, that is for sure. She has mentioned that she is thinking of adopting. But its great that you see her being with someone before her next birthday!! Thank you! I will have her read the reading you gave for her!

  • Hi Shabby,

    Thank you so very kindly for this reading! I am very grateful to you and it is extremely insightful! We have an awesome bond. He does have his spells of needing alone time and I am very supportive and understanding of it thus far.

    Can you give anymore insight about what you mean when you said, "...and the boy will blow a horn like no body business one day. " ??

    Thanks so much!


  • The Transformed,

    What came through was a boy venturing into manhood and he takes up the musical instrument of a trumpet ( the horn with the three notes on top of it) and he can really play it in a professional way if that is what pathway he wants, yet he is musical in other ways also. Dance and singing if not his own voice than that of others inspire him. Yet , he also is good with math which could take him into the world of accountant or engineer with a hobby of music.

    Glad you enjoyed your reading,


  • I wanted one. I guess is over now...

  • Thank you so much for the clarity Shuabby! Most grateful for your loving energy 🙂

    Light and Love,


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  • I would like a love life reading for my bff who will be celebrating her birthday on 07-11-15 turning 40 and no signs of her soul mate. I would love for her to meet the right person this coming year! Thank you in advance

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