What can a vivid dream like that mean? any help?

  • i had a very vivid dream last night. i was talking to a man (i think it was my female colleague's brother who i do not have any contact with), suddenly i came into a room which seemed to be a bedroom as there was bedding on the bed, a double bed... i came closer and i saw a bee or a wasp dead (it seemed to be dead) on the pillow on the other side of the bed and i thought 'my sister could have been sleeping there' (the bee could have stung her if she had been sleeping there). Suddenly the insect started to move upwards, showed its huge sting and started to fly speedily in my direction... this is when i woke up. What can it mean? any thoughts?

  • Moonalisa, I feel like this dream is trying to tell you that if you are feeling uneasy about a situation in your daily life then avoid it without any further thought or hesitation!

  • Thank you znl. The dream looks like a warning... somebody may have bad intentions towards me and wants to do some harm... ?

  • Yes, few like that to me. So avoid them or the situation.

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