• this is what I picked up,

    A guy that sometimes is not the sharpest knife in the draw...and can be shady

    you have doubts and worry

    you are not sure where you are headed, it is hard for you to see what is coming

    but you have the strength to do what you need...if you love be sensible and be strong

    you need a balance and what should happen will happen

    there are bumps in the stub your toe

    you have someone watching out for you trying to give you good advise

    what is confusing you is you see two sides of someone...he can be really nice but then turn around and you go who is this person...both sides are him

    but I think you do that too where you are in love and nice but then get attitude and can be not need to balance that out...don't go to the extremes

    watch money don't over spend or go in excess

    smile enjoy the little things

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick! I sincerely appreciate that-you are seriously spot on! Thank you so much again!

  • Is there anyway you can interpret my son's feeling towards his parents and the enviroment around him? As he grows, I love learning about his evolving personality!

  • Asia118x

    Being that I give reading about feelings, I think he is too young to interrupt.

    Give him plenty of Love and a little structure and he will be fine....The memory of Love gets you through many things...give him that life boat and if things ever get rough he will feel safe.


  • Thanks TarotNick again! My son is my biggest motivator and I'll always make sure to remind him he is loved and adored in every way. I was also wondering if you could help me make sense of my boyfriend's feelings. He can act angry and insecure but he tells he's also sad because he feels like he's losing me and ruined my life. My boyfriend told me last night if we didn't live in his chaotic parents' house he wouldn't be stressed out. What can you make of all of this?

  • It appears a combination of things, looking at what you felt about him and the statement above, he has things he needs to work out for himself. He is most likely not happy in that environment and ends up lashing out because that is what he is used too. It will come down to see if he sees it and does he want to change it. He can be loving so that is in him, but do both of want to put the work into changing it?

    Won't be easy and there are sacrificing to do, talk about it, see if you can set a goal together that is reachable....then take steps toward the need to communicate and your son can be the motivator of archiving the goal

  • Thank you TarotNick again! My boyfriend definitely wants to change and I just get scared that I'm adding to the pressure. I'm trying my best to be patient with him but we have both agreed to see consuelors seperately. I believe his anger issue is habit and I can be supportive but he has many childhood demons that needs to be worked through. I want nothing but the best for him. It's just that with his quick temper sometimes mines flare up just as fast. I don't want him to fell as if he can push me around. How exactly does he feel about me at this point? I'm sure we are still in love-I just get confused on when he pushes me away

  • See that is the start of Communication and being he is willing to go shows you he cares for you. If he didn't care would he bother? You guys need to find a way to work together, maybe open a secret door that you keep locked and share. Find out what bothers you and let each other know what you are thinking....assuming gets you in trouble. Once the pink elephant is in the room it gets smaller if you both are on the same page and then you can find a way to let it leave...just shoving from behind can get messy....hahahaha see a nice mental picture hahahaha. you took the first step now take the next.....

  • Thanks Tarot Nick! All this is very much appreciated. I just sometimes feels he can be emotionally abusive at times. Im not sure if Im just overreacting or not. I sometimes feel as if i have bipolar disorder as he does too. We have just been arguing alot and it turns into a deep emotional conversation for me. I'm not sure if it is he can't handle all what is going on in his life anymore or if he just done with this relationship?

  • Thank you for everything Tarot Nick!

  • Hope all is going well,


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