This isn't fair...

  • My guy has cut me off completely wont answer any text and then blocked my house number. His instagram he is uploading pictures from being all over the place with his job. Don't say he is probably busy because I dont care he shouldnt do this. He contacted me in November we were not legally allowed to contact each other for two years cause he is nuts. So I have been sitting here crying my eyes out and getting mad and he is having the time of his life. He gets mad at and just cuts me off and leaves and I never know if he will ever talk to me again.He tells me he doesnt love me and never will and two weeks ago he wanted me to come over and I was getting ready to but I was running late because I lost my keys and then now he isnt talking to me anymore. He is just moving on with his life period. Now shame or guilt or feeling toward me. If I died today he wouldnt know and my family wont tell him cause they want me to be single for the rest of my life and cater to them. Im about to pack my stuff and disappear. I go through everyday calling him. He just ignores me like I dont exist.

  • NOTE: Im crying while writing like this so if I sound like a child Im sorry.

  • I am struggling to understand why you would put up with this terrible treatment of yourself as a person. If this guy really loved you more than he loves himself, he would be so much more respectful to you. If you told yourself he could change, he won't...maybe just get worse. Count yourself lucky to be rid of the loser and find yourself a better man. Move on with your life too like he has. It doesn't mean you are not lovable, just that he is stupid.

  • i totally agree with the captain, in order to enjoy bieng loved by a partner we need to love ourselves first, respect our selves, then we are able to give and recievce love, with his postings he is telling u how he feels about the situation,,, what u mean to him, believe me that u will find someone who will value u, live girl, go and live, enjoy life, love will come to u,

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