Assistance on interpretation please

  • Would anyone mind giving me a little assistance / thoughts on a reading I did? Please and thank you.

    I asked the cards how M feels about F (his significant other) starting a new job at the place he just started working at? Cards drawn are Fool, Judgment, and Hermit (I used a full deck and got 3 majors).

    A little background on this couple. She is leaving a job as a full time security guard at a casino to take a job as a part time waitress (she has no waitressing experience) because that is where he is working as a chef now (he used to work st the casino, too). She is very jealous and insecure, which is why she is changing jobs.

    My take on these cards is that he thinks she is a fool and that this is not going to go well (he felt very confined at his old job because between her and her co-workers in security and her brother in surveillance, he felt like his actions were constantly under a microscope). He feels that things will come up that will not be pleasant, and he will end up withdrawing into himself because of her actions and how others will perceive him, because of her.

  • Tahkeestula,

    My take on what these cards drawn are saying is this.

    The fool is a card of taking chance's no matter what and having the courage to do so.

    Judgment is thoughts and actions that you put out there coming back to you it is called Karma

    Hermit is a card in which tells me he is an man that likes to keep his feeling under control and that leaves his wife? guessing as to what he feels for her. Now, however he may start to open up more and communicate better , thus bringing far more love and understanding into the relationship.


  • Thank you, that does sound a lot better than what I came up with.

  • Tahkeestula,

    I have concentrated on those three cards and kinda of wish i didnt have the information regarding the couple, because i tried to focus on the cards (as i pulled them myself and concentrated with initials you gave M and F) I see from the Fool Judgment and Hermit combination and the inititias.. I see one of those two making a big life choice, not only changing jobs, but making a change their life in general, i get the feeling of freedom, a change in career or other opportunities coming their way with the change. I also so a new love interest. Not that anyone is looking for this, it just seems to appear by chance. I see someone getting a "new lease on life" not feeling held back in all aspects of their life. I don't see much happiness in the past but there is much happiness in the new future. I don't go with traditional readings more of what i see in my mind;s eye. Hope this helps.

    Many blessings your way.

  • Not sure if the initials make a difference but the M was for male and the F for female. They are supposed to be getting married in a few weeks but I honestly wonder if that marriage will take place? She is very insecure and jealous - rightfully so because he has been less than faithful...not full on, physical cheating, but he has been chasing after at least one other woman (if not more) for a year and a half - and when he went to work at this new place (where the other woman works) his fiancee was determined to work in the same place. He isn't happy with her but at the same time he won't leave her...not sure why, but he won't. So yeah, I can see where you may be right on with this interpretation.

  • Tahkeestula,

    Thank you for your response. I haven't read for anyone professionally but like to read for friends or family. I try to keep all messages positive but i know that life is not all peaches and cream. I did see that there isnt much happiness in either one of them in the relationship. If they marry it wont change their situation. I don't feel much love in that situation.

  • I don't believe they love each other. It feels more like a control thing to me with neither one of them wanting to admit defeat, so they stay together, and miserable, because neither one is willing to say they are wrong. shrugs They have to do what they have to do...there is a lesson in this that they need to learn, no matter how unhappy they both are.

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