Needing positive energy sent my way.

  • Hello everyone! I have always found so many helpful and incredibly gifted people here. I am going through some tough stuff, and would appreciate positive and healing energy being sent my way. I have a job that is very draining, and feel that I have been completely drained as a result. There are also other people in my life that seem to have sucked the life out of me. I have worked on banishing negativity, loneliness, and depression from my life, and welcoming love and joy into my life, But I need the help of others to build me back up. I have asked for this here before, and everyone was so good and helpful. I am a healer and dispense a lot of energy, and need some rejuvenation. Thank you in advance to all who help. You are wonderful!

    I am open to any feedback, insight, or readings that anyone may want to offer. Love and blessings to all!

  • MissyMill, I asked your guides to pick an advice card for you from my own pack about how to improve your current situation. Here is your card -

    The Card of Allowing Yourself To Receive

    This card suggests the need to allow yourself to let go and let in - let in other people, love, abundance/wealth, compliments, forgiveness, forgetting the past, intimacy, help and support, a new life, new attitude or new direction, or whatever it is that you are afraid to open your heart to. You may be pushing away the very thing you need most - out of fear, guilt, insecurity or a belief in your unworthiness to receive anything back. What you deny or ignore, you delay - and what you accept and face, you conquer. Most people have a harder time letting themselves love or receive love than finding someone to love them. Letting things in is largely a matter of not expending the energy to keep them out. Of course, letting go of toxic people and situations is a big step in loving yourself. You are in charge of not letting these types of people/situations get to you. They can't pull the trigger if you don't give them the gun. Most people keep their guards up to protect themselves because they have been hurt in the past. But building walls only keeps the good things out - it doesn't prevent you from experiencing pain and suffering. The only way to deal with pain is to make yourself stronger so that pain has less of an effect. Understanding why the painful experience has come at all and learning to tell the difference between the people and experiences that are good or harmful are the real keys to self-knowledge and growth. By developing your self-awareness, you will see that trust and intimacy and openness are not weaknesses, but strengths. You will understand the reasons why you put yourself into toxic situations. Respect yourself enough to allow in people to love and support you, new experiences to help you grow and learn, abundance to help you blossom, and positive emotions and thinking to guide you to success and joy. Your natural state is in a flow of allowance, when you feel peaceful, calm and expectant. When you over-give, you drain yourself of necessary life energy that you need to cope and thrive. When you receive, you are in a state of allowance. You can gently and easily remind yourself to return to this natural state whenever you feel any discordant feelings of turmoil, fear, unworthiness, and unrest. Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart and affirm, “I now return to my natural state of allowing things to come to me, to receive all the world's bounty and love.”

    Ask yourself - when you are here on this forum asking to receive positive energy, are you really open to it, or are your walls of resistance still up? If so, identifying what has caused the walls to go up and then removing them will allow you to receive all the loving energy you need. The universe never stops sending us all positive energy but we put up barriers to receiving.

  • Thank you Captain! I have been mulling over all of this. I know I need to be open to receiving all the good and positive things in life. I really try to maintain this openness and acceptance. But, perhaps I have somehow closed myself off without realizing it. I am not sure exactly how that has happened. I just know that I have always struggled with relationships with men, and I think this is where I let this happen. I have everything else in my life in order, but I think I close myself off when it comes to men. I seem to function better when I do not have a man in my life. I have recently met someone who has turned my world upside down with the way I feel about him. It has me feeling very unsettled, and made it difficult to function.

    Thank you for all you do! Love and blessings!

  • Unfortunately, you may think you are closing yourself off in just one area, but it is the same as closing off your whole body. Lack of trust is a big barrier.

  • Hi Missy,

    The discomfort you feel with this new person may be one of two things

    1- a feeling of fearfulness in opening your heart yet again only to be hurt.

    2- intuitive discomfort that although you are attracted to this person, something isn't "quite right"

    You've heard the expression "Look before you leap"

    Identify what it is that attracts you to this person, reflect on this a few moments.

    When you recognize the attributes that are attracting you, perhaps reflect on why.

    When we are present and clear about what we do want in a relationship and know that we deserve only the best for ourselves, the Universe, (and God in my own thinking), will bring it to you.

    On the flip side, what were the attributes in the relationships that caused you heartache? Also recognizing those will assist you in making a decision as to whether this person will be in your best interest.

    Take your time. Allow yourself to maintain a healthy observational view until you feel comfortable. Time really is your friend...if the relationship is one that will bring you joy and love and commitment, your presence and thoughts will be treated with love, respect, and honor. If those things are kind and loving to yourself and move on.

    If you have a gem of a person within view, and you have intuitively arrived at their intention, don't be afraid to experience true joy. Embrace the moment. Remember what Captain has said and let love in.

    Best of thoughts and prayers to you

  • Yes I am wondering MM if it is other people who unsettle you or your own fear that you may let them down or be unable to make them happy?

  • Wow! You have given me alot to think about. Yes, I think I am fearful of experiencing the same heartache as in past relationships. Yet, I am still willing to give it a chance of things continue to progress. This person is very indecisive about what he wants right now, and he has alot of "baggage" that he needs to deal with. He goes back and forth on wanting to take things to the next step. One moment he will be telling me that he doesn't want a relationship because we want different things, and so on... and the next he will be talking about the possibility of living together on his Dad's farm. So, I know he thinks about a future with me, even though he is reluctant to move forward. You may also be accurate in that I feel unsettled due to the person, as he is obviously unsettled and uncertain about life. I think I pick up alot of his energy when we are apart. When we are together, everything feels good, but I think we are both uncertain about how far to let things go.

    Thank you both for all the feedback and food for thought. I really appreciate hearing from you. Blessings!

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