Ive got a huge obcesive crush on a Virgo

  • Im a Gemini thru and thru 6/13/1956 he is a Virgo 9/18/1965. Would The Captain answer me please. What do you see in our charts? Is there possibility of romance love? Im in looooovvve. I dont know what he feels for me - he doesnt talk about his feelings ever. Yet he calls me just about every day, and visits me a lot. Do we have makings for a fabulous relationship? And ..... What does he feel about me? Thank you for your help ahead of time!

  • Passion can certainly sweep both of you up in a love affair here. But, since this is an attraction of opposites, there will be struggle between you. In fact, you would both vie for leadership of the relationship. Yet while you would be tough with each other, there would also emerge a kind of respect and understanding - after many confrontations. Should a basic set of principles or a compromise be reached whereby you both took a leadership in your particular areas of expertise or experience, perhaps an agreement hammered out on the hard anvil of conflict, the relationship may become a firm and enduring bond. For the most part, willpower and common sense will tend to master emotion here, once the original passion has cooled. The relationship will then take on a logical and discriminating outlook. Rarely will either of you allow your feelings to urge you into activities ultimately counterproductive to your best interests, either as a couple or as individuals. Both of you will have to contribute equally for the relationship to work, in any form. The problem will be that you Malia may lose interest after the fire has flamed down and you may be gone a good deal of the time, or may skip out on work, leaving your partner to finish things up. This may sow the seeds of resentment and frustration in him unless dealt with. But there is more to life than hard work and you will have to remind your partner of this and take frequent relaxing breaks together. If the relationship becomes unsympathetic or neglectful, it will fall apart. It will take a lot of work to make this relationship work past the initial passion but it can be done if both parties wish it. Opposites may attract at first, but you need to find some common ground or interests to make it last.

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