Year Reading for Love Request

  • Please I would be so grateful so appreciative if you would look at my year ahead for Love for me ...... June 13, 1956 Honolulu Hawaii 7:30pm. Thank you.

  • This is your year for moving on from relationships (personally and professionally) that no longer serve you, for putting the past behind you, and for getting rid of any emotional baggage you may be carrying around. Next year you will be meeting new people and finding yourself in new situations and having new experiences. It will not be a time to be burdened by old junk. You need to clear your way this year for the fresh start and new beginnings next year. Really examine the relationships in your life to make sure you are being realistic about their chances of success. Don't idealize anyone in your life. Look at them honestly and clearly and objectively to decide if they are good or bad for you. Clear out any relationship that is dragging you down so that you have room in your life for newer better relationships in 2016.

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