When will I find Love with my soul mate?

  • I am 10 minutes new here...June 13, 1956 Honolulu Hawaii 7:30pm When will I fal in love?

  • Welcome Malia13

    I feel you have many loves at this time in your life. I know you seek to know when a man will come into your life and you will fall in love with him. I hear the name of Lester here and he feels like he was in your life at some point? I also am getting that you are not putting enough effort into finding a Love in your life. Red Hatters would be a good pathway for you to walk now. Fun group is awaiting you to join. Community Senior Activities are here for the taking , all you have to do is reach out and join a few and Malia you just may find that special someone through an introduction at a social event. Let me know when you do dear as I have faith that you will find your hearts desire.


  • Hello my Friend if you have provided correct details of you birth time, then i would try to help you , i did not understood you details here, anyhow be positive things will be under your control soon after some days,


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