Relationship Differences

  • How does being gay effect the standard relationship between signs? I'm an Aquarius who is in love with a Cancer, (we're both males) but I've been told it should be really difficult. So far it hasn't seemed so difficult (we've been together for about two years) so I was wondering if it's synastry, or maybe homosexual couples are different than straight ones when comparing which sign gets along with which?

  • Well revolution, when i read people, especially regard love and relationhips, there is one major factor that stands out, to which i reveal and tell, and that is, astrology can only give a smidge of the entire picture. What makes a couple regardless of set up work is the PERSONALITIES.

    In end you don´t fight out of what astrological sign you are, but from your personalities.

    I know in recent years astrologers has looked into posted gay lesbian astrology couple set ups aswell. HOWEVER, i stand by this, that astrology signs per se has no place to dictate what set up works and doesnt work.Nor which set up is the best or worst.

    Also you must know NOT ALL astrologers agree on which sign matches another. For instance many astrologers says pisces and libra´s is a lethal set up, aswell as aries and pisces.

    OTHER astrologers says WOW match in heaven these combinations.

    So Revolution, plz discard the astro part and go by personality. In end as i said before is that what makes ANY relationship function gay lesbian or straight.

    Since your relationship has lasted 2 whopping years, that says something about the stamina of the connection affection and love between you. Alone this ought to tell you not to trust astrological sign set ups.

    I wish you continued luck and blessings in your relationship.-


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