Who Was This?

  • Yesterday I was sitting on a bench near a store. Two women were on their way into the store. One of them began shouting. She shouted at me "You may not be retarded but you're an idiot!" Then, she said to her friend "That's a bully right there!" She went into the store before I could get a good look at her. I saw her friend, who had dark hair and was wearing a green shirt. The woman who shouted at me had a Spanish accent. It was very strange. Is this someone I have wronged? Or someone that has received negative information about me?

  • life has mysteries, sometimes we do not understand, this situation is quite confusing, i believe she has you confused with someone has a striking resemblance to you, sometimes people who look like someone esle are very different from that person, and the same thing is true for names that are the same, put it out to the universe, it will clear the matter, for you, rest assure u have done no wrong

  • Thanks Ramonita! I wasn't sure what exactly was going on. It was a very strange situation.

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