Shuuaby/Watergirl/Thecaptain/Blmoon...Plz help me with some insight!

  • can you please give me some insight into my job situation?? i am sooooo unhappy in my current job in an IT firm. they have hired me on minimum wage with no quality work.. i feel i am being wasted and that makes me utterly sad and disappointed! do u see me getting offered a good/better job ...i am soooooo unhappy currently:((((((( please help me with some insight i will be greatly helpful to you kind people:((((

    ~thank you kindly~

  • could a kind soul please give me some insight on what to expect in the months of june/july? will i switch to a new job in june/july or have to wait longer? i would really appreciate any input!

  • highpriestess

    Your in a transition mold. Your being taught to be humble for a short time and to think about your life and job at this time. I hear a Robert who is in your work environment or will be perhaps your upcoming boss. Yes, you will have a better position in July/August and I see a tall building and it feels like the east coast to me with a lot of windows , the fifth floor come to me here and a woman with blonde hair and brown eyes is around you to, she is smart and someone to watch meaning that she is clever and knows her way around the work force.

    Are you a programmer as I feel that around you in some way? Don't stress yourself to much as something better is around the corner for you and I feel it will be with another business or could be another department , yet I feel lead to another business which has a W in it's name.

    Let us know how you are doing.


  • thank you so much for the input shuabby!

    Tall building in east coast? I am settled in central US and looking for work in this area only! I have my family here. I am not looking for work outside my city to be honest with you. It is surprising that you picked up a job for me in east coast/ how in the world will i reach there? and why?

    I am not a programmer. I have human resources background and am looking for a job in the same field. this is confusing to me. could you please shed some light on this situation for me? I was thinking something will come my way in june itself. seems that is not the case and i have to wait longer to land a better job than what i am doing currently. there is no way i can move out of my current city for work. i have a kid and elderly to take care of at home. who will take care of them if i leave for work to other city. it will be very surprising if it plays itself out without issues from my family!!!!!!!

  • highpriestess

    I felt the east coast and at times this can simply mean that you will meet a person whom will be in your new work environment from the east coast area, I'm sorry for the confusion. Life has a way of working things out for us and you may meet this person a man who has came in from the east coast and work with him. There is a job for you and I understand now that you work in human resources.

    Gladys is a name coming in here as a helpful person in your job search. I am suggesting that you try a temporary service and through them you will find a better position that suites you personally and also the pocketbook to. I feel that within the month you should have this archived.

    I feel you may have to work downtown as I still get this tall building for you.

    It sounds like you have family around you that needs you at this time, I feel that others could step in and help if asked too, even if they are volunteers from American Volunteers organization. You feel overwhelmed and really do need and deserve a break, and it is on it's way. Do not be surprised if one day you wake up and your living on the east coast. This does not mean that you will do this move all alone because you will not , you will have a man by your side.

    Please let me how it goes for you , I always enjoy hearing from you.


  • Oh that makes sense as I have been waiting to hear from few companies that are located in/near downtown area and yes they are temporary hire to permanent positions.

    Does it mean I should be getting hired by a company for a temporary position within a month or so(somewhere between june and july)? and once I start working there a man will lead me to other job that I am going to like but it will be in east coast and I will need to move there to work?

    I generally don't trust men to be very honest with u because they usually come to me for wrong reasons, even though I have met some very nice people along the way but when it comes to making bigger decisions in life I have difficulty trusting men, especially younger men.

    Can I ask if this man who is going to help me find a better job is trustworthy or I need to be cautious around him? I wonder what will be his motivation for helping me out?

    I would definitely update you if this all comes to pass going forward. Thank you very much for the insight. It indeed was greatly helpful in putting my anxieties at rest as I have been struggling to keep myself composed lately because of failure in getting hold of a job that I like.

  • highpriestess

    Yes, you should be hired by a company for a temp position that will lead to being hired on if you so desire to be. You may have to wait a little longer than you want to be hired , but take it easy and know that anything worth having is worth waiting for it's time to come to you.

    I did not mean that the man would help you find a better job, he will work with you or around you, and yes, he will be trustworthy, he will have a sense of humor you will like. I see him as being a man that likes to cook and he comes from a family background and likes children, I m not being shown a warning sign with him at all.

    When you start the job , may I suggest that you ask your angels to walk with you and keep you calm and supported. I know you have many good events to look forward to in the coming months.


  • Thank you so much shuabby for giving me this insight and confirming that i can trust this man. I did get a call from an agency today for a temp (contract) position out of the blue and was interviewed on phone. They are supposed to get back to me within few days so i am keeping my fingers crossed.

    I'll definitely ask my angels to walk with me when i start working in a new job. I would need it I know.

    Thank you once again for your kind responses!

  • I got laid off today! It came as a surprise. I really don't know what to expect from now onwards! I hope I am able to find something soon! Thought to update you on this!

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