For Gino26

  • Hi gino26

    I saw your reading request, and I did take some time to take a look at you and him in a Rune reading. However since it was with runes, I'll share what seems suggested on the "divination" category here on the forum and not on the tarot category. (although it isn't really 'divining' it is just reading the runes and trying to paint some sort of portrait of the relationship that way). Anyway, maybe later today or tomorrow I can post that for you. I thought it was interesting though. So I will get back to you on the divination category. best wishes,


  • Hi astra

    thank you so much. i had found you in another site and paid for a reading from you but you never replied and i got a refund back. i was devastated. im glad you responded after all this time even here. god bless you effie

  • yeah I've been having internet access issues, sorry about that.

    i'll post a short reading over in the "divination" category shortly...

  • I dont mean to intrude but just wanted to drop in and say hey Astra ANgel! Ive missed you and hope your doing well. Ill create another thread for you but had to say HELLO lol!

  • Oh hey there Asia!

    How is Hollywood treating you these days? 🙂

    I have wondered how you are. How is your movie making going?

    Yeah, I have been off in my own dimension for a while now, and have missed the forum here.

    see ya~!

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