How is she and her whereabout

  • The phone number is in the state of Oregon in the U.S. So it is about 8:00 am at the moment and I just called the number. I did not get a live person but a recording so I left a message and made the request on your behalf and also gave them the ticket # that I got after emailing them yesterday. Anyways, hopefully they will take care of this upon reading their email and listening to their messages.

    Hope you are taking care of you and my thoughts and prayers are send to you. Xx

  • Hei znl, thank you very much for your support, kind thoughts and prayers for me during my difficult moment. Hope all is well with you. Strange to be back here after a long absence. I am wondering if there is a possibility of finding out or knowing how she is doing? Best wishes to you.

  • Hi glede, so good to hear from you. 🙂 you have no idea how much I have thought about you and did not want to or think if I should bump this thread. How have you been? I hope time has been healing and even as hard as it is to imagine, even a bit easier for you. I am not a psychic but I feel she is much more at ease and more at peace now than ever before. I think that she misses you in a way of physically being around you. I am sure you feel her present with you and your love for her has grown more if that is possible to imagine. Just know she and her energies influence is all around your days, nights and life and the only thing missing is perhaps her physical presence w you!

    I send you love and much happiness. I think your lovely is fine and not in pain or suffering. Xxxxxooo

    Feel free to start a new thread if you want to and if you like maybe even a separate thread to any one of the psychics on this forum. Hugs.

  • Grateful for your kind thoughts for me. I was not myself after what had happened and I had to find my way out of the darkness. It certainly takes time for the healing. Meditation hjelps a lot. Are you gifted in any other way since you mentioned your are not a psychic? It gives me a certain peace of mind to know that she is better off on the other side than been here. This is something I have been wondering all the while. Tq for easing my mind. I certainly feel her presence and so does her rabbit. I felt her strong energy flowing to me as I put her photo on my writing desk which I took out from the drawer. This photo was taken on her 15th birthday as she blowed off the candles from her chocolate fruit cake. The presence of her energy is still there. A mother's love is undying. I light candle for her every morning when I wake up. I light candle at her resting place too so that the light continues to shine on her wherever she is. Best wishes and kind regards to you too. Lots of hugs from me to you.

  • Hi glede,

    I feel for you. What a heart breaking situation and such a great loss for a mother. It seems to me like you are dealing with your grief the best you can and very beautifully with her memory! You appear to be strong but with a delicate hand. I love how you are dealing with your love for her and the feeling of loss that is there. So, her rabbit is with you 🙂 isn't that something. I think that this one was a special companion and I am glad you got her now. It feels good to have natural reminders despite the physical loss of your love. I don't really read tarot but did come on this site to read and learn :). Sometimes I feel drawn to certain threads or topics. I felt very uneasy and was very worried for her when you first started this thread and was concerned. Anyways, be very gentle with yourself, your feelings of loss or love and give yourself permission to feel. I just know that you will never forget (especially with loss of a child) but with time and in time it will get easier. Hugs

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