How is she and her whereabout

  • I know. You are in such predictement. In one way, you are furious w her and fed up w her behavior. On another way, just full of concern and worry. Tough spot for you. I am not sure what it takes for her to think twice before doing things. At this time, I think it is a good thing to have her back and then once things settle down to have a good chat. She must know how much she worried you. I wish the "Good Samaritan" should tell her to contact her family.

  • Tq for your posting znl. Hope for the best and cross fingers for her safe return. Pray for us, please. TQ. God bless you. Kind regards, Glede

  • I feel that your daughter is thinking about moving on from where she is now. She is debating whether or not to come back to see you, Glede. Her mind is not very clear. She is worried about her pet though. It never crossed her mind to worry about it until now.

  • Hi glede, I do and will. Thanking of you and of your daughter. Do whatever you think could be helpful. Do not hold back for even the most reasonable reasons. Hugs to you.

  • Thank you The Captain for your following up and your posting. It is good to know that she is thinking of moving on from where she is at present. I wonder how. She left important things behind. What about the flate? She lives in the north part of the town and I live in the west part. It takes about 45 minutes with the underground to reach her place. She used to call me if I could visit her or visit her rabbit or sometimes she needed hjelp to shop something or hjelp in her flate or else I don't go to her place. She has no intention of visiting me where I live because of the incident with the police. It was a trauma for her until this day. It is fine with me if she decides not to see me and if she has the strength, health and courage to move on. This is a big step in her life and I can only wish her all the best of the best and May God Bless Her. Pity the poor rabbit if it was not rescued. The rabbit was traumatized after been locked in the cage for 2 nights and 3 days and he is not the same as before. It takes time for the poor rabbit to come around. Don't she miss her rabbit and will she have her rabbit back? I'm taking care of the rabbit on her behalf 'cos of her absence. Hope she comes to her senses soon. God Bless You, The Captain. With gratitude, Glede

  • Hi znl, thank you very much for praying for us and your presence through your posting is certainly a great hjelp and support. It is such a comfort! I bear in mind what you have mentioned. God Bless U. Hugs from me too.

  • Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Thinking of you and your daughter. Love and light!

  • Dear glede, Please feel free to come here and vent or talk or say whatever you want if you need to. I hope you two are reunited asap and that worry goes away. xx

  • My heartfelt thanks for your kind thoughts and offer me a shoulder to lean on. I have headache or pain in my head of the uncertainty. It is about her flate, bills and other things. I am trying to hold fort for her and if this drags on for far too long, I am afraid the authority will take charge of things for her or a guardian will be appointed by the authority. I hope she comes to her senses soon for her own sake. Hope u have a nice day. God bless u.

  • The Captain, She has returned home to God and she is safe in Heaven now. Please kindly remove her photo from the posting as a mark of respect for her.Tq from Glede

  • Dear znl, she is safe in Heaven now.

  • Glede, I cannot remove her photo as I am not an administrator of this forum. You would have to ask them. May we know what happened to your daughter?

  • Darling, dear glede, There is no words that I can say. What can I say! You poor mother. I was worried and concerened, wished I had powers to do some thing. Please be comforted that you were a great mom and she had this time for you. She is now an angel and has joined them and is free. Much love to you. Please be comforted that your sweet child is now in a better place that we are. Love to you. I am so, so sorry and feel for you. Hugs and in oneness. Share your sorrow. Xoxo. Please feel free to come back and to chat if you wanted to. Here for you.

  • Dear glede, if you want her picture removed then you can email the site admin and customer support at

    There is a number to call but you being in Norwey it is too much perhaps.

  • The Captain, sorry that I can not post here publicly in this forum as and out of respect for her. I am you understand and respect my request, please. Tq. Glede.

  • The Captain, I hope you understand and respect my request, please. That is what I try to convey in my previous posting to you and not I am............... Sorry for the typing error.

  • Dear znl, thank you for your kind words. Yes, she is free now and she is in a better place than us. I saw unique, colourful and beautiful signs in the sky yesterday which I have never seen before and I asked my friend did she see anything like that at her placeand she said no. I am wondering if u can write or speak to the administrator on my behalf to have her photo remove from the forum. You can give me the phone number with the right code too and if you do not succeed in requesting for the removal on my behalf, then I will try it on my own. By the way which country does the phone number belong to? Your kind words and thoughts are such a comfort for me. My heartfelt thanks for your support and concern. God Bless You. Glede

  • Of course, Glede, it's just that I had certain impressions of her these last couple of days. But I understand if it is too painful for you to talk about.

  • Dear glede, hello, I just emailed them and briefly told them you want the pic removed. And gave them the link to the thread etc. and hope they can do it even though, I did not start the thread and technically they will consider it your thread. I will also call tomorrow per their business hours and see if I can talk to someone about it too.

    If you copy and paste the below link in your browser you can see there is all the info about how to contact support / admin.

    Or at the bottom of every page there is the link called "contact us" and clicking it will show you the same info as the link above.

    The phone number is in U.S. (503) 802 - 7935

    On another note, I hope you have people friends or family close by to talk to and help you with this sad situation or,even what must be done now. I can't imagine how you can deal with how you feel and this tragedy. I can tell you that you will never forget but time does heal your sorrow. She has her wings now and is fine, comforted. She would never want to see you sad. Hugs, let me know if you need more. Just chat or whatever. I'll look for you. I am very very sad over this too. Share your loss. Hugs to you.

  • Glede, just a note on what you saw in the sky and colors. Unbelievable -- your mother's heart! I think that was a hints from heavens and angels and from your daughter. I lit a candle .Thank you for your kind words and for being so strong. God bless you.

    I will update you after I will call them in about 8 hours or so during their business hours.

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