How is she and her whereabout

  • Glede, you posted the picture in this thread and if anyone look in this thread they can seei it. I am pretty sure you can email the Captain "if she agrees" and send the pic in case you wanted to remove it. Beautiful daughter! Thank you for your kind words too. Talk to her in your heart and mind. .xx

  • Glede, you posted the picture in this thread and if anyone look in this thread they can seei it. I am pretty sure you can email the Captain "if she agrees" and send the pic in case you wanted to remove it. Beautiful daughter! Thank you for your kind words too. Talk to her in your heart and mind. .xx

  • Hei moonalisa, tq for yr response and support. Really need it. May God bless you. Kind regards, Glede

  • Tq znl for yr advice and yr compliment on her. Kind regards, Glede

  • It's OK to leave the photo up here since other people might have thoughts about the whereabouts of your daughter.

    I feel she is fine, staying with a friend who has been made to promise not to tell anyone where she is. Your daughter can be rather self-obsessed at times and, if she gets bored, she likes to create some drama in her life. She doesn't often think of anyone but herself or who she might be hurting. She will withdraw if she feels her goals and wishes are not being met by the world or by those people in her life. She is immature and needs to understand that she will not just be handed all that she wants on a platter. She will pop her head up when she feels she has gained enough attention for her absence. This is how she manipulates and controls others.

  • Yes, she is certainly immature and your description fits well. She has a sickness which can be life threatening & several episodes had happened before which gives me cause to worry.She has not taken the medicine which should. She was not in her frame of mind when she spoke & sms me via handphone. May I ask, if it's a lady or a man & if it's a lady, is it someone whom she met in a group activity in the healthcare meeting & is the lady living nearby her area down the road on to the left side in one of the big block. Rough idea about it from what she told me once. Has she known this person long?When is she going to grow up? I wonder why she gets bored so fast. The Police are searching for her. Do you think it is wise to make her missing case publicly on the news channel so that the person harbouring her will understand how serious is the situation or just leave her alone in peace until she feels she is ready to come out of the place where she is now instead of pushing her further away. She had bad taste with the police before 'cos the police had to come & bring her to the treatment center when she refused voluntary. This was because she was sick and it was life threatening issue which she could harm herself or set her life in danger and others too that was beyond her control. The incident is still a trauma for her. My heartfel thanks to you, The Captain for the reading which ease my mind to know that she is fine and not alone. Once again thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. May God Bless You. With gratitude, Glede

  • I feel I shouldn't give you any more details about who is sheltering your daughter because she needs to be away from you for a while. It would not be good for her if you track her down or announce her appearance publically. You have to let her contact you in her own good time. Her health is not an issue at the moment. I know this is hard for you but you have to let your daughter have the privacy that she needs to sort out herself and her life. She felt like you were over-protecting her when she was with you. She has to learn to stand on her own two feet - this is what will help her mature.

  • It is certainly a relief to hear that her health is not an issue at the moment which takes the burden from my shoulder. I can accept and respect her need for privacy. Naturally I had reason to be worried by the way she left which she had never done before.I was glad when she moved out and live on her own. It's her health issue that bugs me and that's when maternal instinct surfaced up. She's a very vulnerable person. From what you said, I can only wish her all the best .Tq very much for your reading and advice. God Bless. With gratitude, Glede

  • Glede, I am sensing that, when she returns, you will have some big arguments with her. You must try to be calm and not allow yourself to overreact. Your daughter imagines she can take better care of herself than she really can at the moment but you must allow her to try to be an adult.

  • Oh no, I don't think I am interested in any sort of argument with her at all. That's the last thing and the least I need. She is very hot tempered and can be provoking at times. I can understand her reason for being angry. One of them is because the police had to break down the lock to her flate to find out if something happened to her since there was no response from her due to past unpleasant incidents. The lock had been changed so the present key she has with her do not fit into the new lock of the door to her flate. Besides that there was the rabbit inside her flate.The rabbit was locked up in the cage which was full of urine and waste when the police found it. The rabbit was sent to me with strong stench of urine & to my surprise, he enjoyed a wash in the sink which he normally didn't. I bet it is high time for her to grow up and the less she contacts me the better off, it is for her so that she can learn to grow up on her own. She knows she can count on me if there's the need to. I wish she can take charge of her health issue and be responsible about it by contacting the healthcare services when she is unwell. I didn't enjoy it at all for having to do it and be blamed for doing it when she was unaware of her condition. Any further advice from The Captain in regarding how to stay afloat in this situation without drowning or without being suffocated is humbly and highly appreciated. TQ so much for the invaluable reading which is an immense help during the most diificult & trying time of my life. God Bless. With gratitude, Glede

  • Glede, as much as you love your daughter, the best thing for her (and for you) at the moment is for you to back away and leave her to muddle through on her own. She will make mistakes but that is how she will learn and grow up.

  • Hi glede, lots of courage to you. Take care.

  • Do you think a note should be left on her door that the key was changed and how she can obtain the new key. Or is there a guardian or a landlord. She knows you love her. Has she ever abandoned her rabbit before?

  • The Captain, of course it is for her interest that I back out after your invaluable advice. It is true that she learns through trials and errors or else how will she ever grow up. Why can't she send out signal to the authority/police indicating that she is fine without having to disclose her whereabout & her wish or request will be respected instead of leading on a wild goose chase? Tq very much The Captain for your precious time and posting in following up the case which meant the world to me under the present circumstances. Kindly send posituve energy and pray for us too.May God bless you. With gratitude, Glede

  • Dear znl, yes, I understood that a note had been left at her door and where & whom she should contact. No, there's no guardian or a landlord. This is owned by private company. A mother is never short of love for the child and children didn't ask to be born. No, she never abandoned her rabbit before. She used to tell me to collect the rabbit and left it in my care for sometimes until she felt she is well again to take care of him. She was not herself when she did that. Tq so much znl for following up and not forgetting your posting too. May God bless you too.

  • Dear glede, hope you are taking care of you too in the midst of all this worry. Like you, I always say the same thing "children did not ask to be born"! Isn't it the truth and your love for her is obvious. Glede go with your gut feeling and your instinct regarding how to handle her disappearance etc and what should or should not be done or how much. In fact, since the police are involved they can advice since I am sure they are experienced in these type of situations. Any how, please let us know how you are and take care. Don't forget Saint Anthony and Archangel Michael. Xx

  • Glede, your daughter doesn't think on how distressed she may be making those who love her with her disappearance. She felt the need to escape and only thought of her own needs. She is not someone who can empathize with anyone else. She doesn't even consider that you might go to the police. She is completely self-obsessed and this makes her selfish. But I feel that soon the person she is staying with will get fed up with her and urge her to go home.

  • Dear znl, exactly "children did not ask to be born". It is 'cos we want them. There's a price to pay for having children. It pains any parent to see the child suffering unless one has a heart made of stone so unable to react. As long as we live, we love them. The parent's love for the child is unconditional. I feel numb by her action and wonder how am I going to meet her from now on, as I am physically and emotionally drained.The police are scratching their heads as they have no clue about her. Tq for your concern and support. God bless U. Warmest regards, Glede

  • Hi dear glede,

    You are going to meet her just like you always do, with love and kindness! 🙂 I hope she will say sorry for worrying you so much. Next time, she should call up and say she is leaving. I just think she is not well bec of what you wrote above and that she may not have been in the right frame of mind for taking some actions. You have figured out what love and especially a paprent's love is like. I really don't think all parents have the same capacity of love towards their own children. What If you spread the word to her friends, environment and even like as you mentioned before the local media ? Perhaps? You see I think it's been a while since she has been away. On another note, sometimes our efforts are for our own peace of mind. I mean all efforts you can do to set your own mind at ease. I am hoping that as Captain has mentioned that she should be back very shortly. In the meantime take care of you and you are a wonderful mother and person!

  • Her disappearance is mysterious in view of the situation in her flate and who in the right sense of mind would leave the rabbit imprisoned in the cage unattended. She must have forgotten her past unpleasant incidents which warranted rescue by the police.Your description fits her. Sometimes I feel that she's running away from reality instead of facing the challenges in life. When is she going to grow up facing the truth? Hope she can come to her senses that it's high time for her to return to her own nest without jeopardizing her connection with the "good samaritan" whoever she is. Tq The Captain for your posting and your gift of helping me and others in distress. God Bless U. With gratitude, Glede

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