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  • Right now, I have a new friend, an aspiring singer.. Met him at an event I was promoting, took some photos... he liked them. And we've bumped into each other off and on for a few months now... I'm the cancer and he's a taurus. From the onset I was physically attracted to him, but stayed away because of his age... at least half of mine. Been giving him little tips on performing, and backup and styling... and he' s suggested that I be his manager. NOW.. I've never managed anyone... and he know's that... but i've always been a great muse. Several of my more successful friends have me to credit with some of the little things.. We just can't seem to get to the point where I can [safely] let him know I don't want to manage his career but be with him as a partner... Enjoying the friendship, but concerned that if I don't take this opportunity it may mean the end of any relationship at all.

    Feel dunb for asking, but I have read some good advise here, and given some too, so c'mon people... what am I to do?

  • I have two things to say to you my friend: Listen to your gut instinct / go for it. I don't get that you're a silly person who's happy to take that one step off the edge of the cliff without checking how long the fall may be ...

    Please don't worry about the age difference or whether or not you can fraternise with someone you're "managing", etc. Try to adopt an attitude of taking each day as it comes, rather than worry about the outcome. Do your job with your usual brilliance. Your friends don't have the view they have of you for nothing. And if you form a romantic relationship with him and it lasts, well won't you be glad you took the risk? If nothing comes out of this other than a working relationship/friendship, well you would've learned something anyway about managing someone's career and gained a friend into the bargain. Apart from all this, how great is it to know that someone half your age finds you attractive??? It's all good, far as I can see!

    But I know it's hard to just dive in, mindless of consequences. But you wanna know something? Consequences can sometimes be damned. And let's face it; consequences are often the product of other people looking on, not those who are directly involved. Think about what YOU want here, not anyone else.

    If your gut says go for it, follow it. If your gut is saying hold off, follow that too. We don't have a sixth sense for nuthin 🙂

  • I cant tell you what to do but it sounds as though maybe he is intrested in you too. maybe being his manager is an excuse to get the two of you closer without having to make any commitment of dating. I myself am dating a man almost twice my age. I worked for him for a few yrs and as time went by I realized I was feeling closer to him. We have long conversations. He is smart and intresting and a few yrs ago I wasnt ready at all. But now I am mature enough to handle this so I decided to go for it. he would flirt a little and drop hints. He was always so kind to me and it took me a long time to notice. I would always tell him that he was too old for me. Then I decided it no longer mattered because he treated me the way I want to be treated. The guy dotes on me when all the other jerks just took from me. Just spend some time with him and if you like him take him up on his offer. You just never know.

  • Thanks Cris & Lovin,

    You guys really made some good points and gave me some more to think about...i'm researching the managerial aspect of doing this even as we speak, and I'm feeling it. All I can give it is my best and pray that that's enough... or don't do it and never know?

    And I'm to old for that now, so I gotta give it a try.... again thanx

  • Thanks for thankin us, and good luck 🙂

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