Could Someone Please Help Me Understand This?

  • I was bullied by an instructor while I was attending school. I was followed around, made fun of and called names that many consider offensive by this man.I eventually responded to the one who was doing the bullying. However, it seems like everyone has taken his side. I think it would go a long way in helping me heal if someone could do a reading and help me to understand why everyone thinks that what he did was OK. I've been recovering from the after effects for awhile now. Why did he target me?

  • People will keep on targeting you because you give off vibes that say you believe you are a helpless victim. People respond to whatever we give off. When you start to think like a victor instead of a victim, you will no longer attract people who will victimize you.

  • Hello mh83

    I feel like this instructor was raised in a military way, perhaps by a father that was in the service at a high rank. He does not understand how someone can be sensitive and looks at it as a weakness . What you can do the next time he or anyone else thinks that you can be there verbal punching bag, is to start laughing at what they say to you and tell them they are a real comedian. That alone will give them food for thought. If they come back at you with more laugh harder. That should defuse them. or let them know that you don't care what they have to say.


  • Thanks to The Captain and Shuabby for responding! Captain- I am trying to work on that, but it's hard for me. Shuabby- I think I understand the situation better now. I'll have to try that the next time someone is making fun of me or calling me names.

  • Captain or Shuabby- could you provide more insight as to why it seems like some don't even believe this happened? I told a counselor about this, and she has expressed doubt that he really did this. It's not something I'd make up.

  • Well, they may think they know the other person better than you. They may have had more contact and experience with him.

  • mh83

    We all perceive people in different ways. The counselor may only have experience him on a professional level and not as one of his students in which he feels he has domain over. It is a shame that people refuse to believe there are layers to us all . You just need to seek out some spiritual guidance which would really help give you more understanding. Look for a spiritual church in your area.


  • Thanks a lot, Captain and Shuabby.

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