Reading request

  • hello all!

    i'd like to request a reading if any of you lovely people have the time.

    i'm thinking of applying for an MA in June, however i'm a bit of unsure if it is the right step for me in terms of my career (i had an interview of sorts with an instructor and she wasn't very encouraging) or if i would get accepted at all. could you do a career reading for me with a focus on this MA? my birthdate is august 18, 1987. thanks a lot in advance!

  • Let me ask you this - I believe that, unlike the arrangements for undergraduate courses, there is no central admissions system, so it is up to you to approach the university or department directly. There is an assumption at this level – given the fact that you are going to be undertaking independent research – that you are capable of researching the courses on offer, finding the application form, and applying yourself. Essentially you are being treated as a 'grown-up'. So do you feel you can handle this on your own, since you seem to be having misgivings about the whole thing. Why do you think the instructor wasn't very encouraging of you doing this? Do you think you appeared unenthusiastic or incapable to her? What career do you hope to boost with an MA? Is there something stopping you progressing in your career right now?

    Certainly this year is your preparation and planning year, a solitary and introspective time when you need to be working out what you really want to do with the rest of your life. Next year is your BIG career success year, so time spent this year preparing for it and not rushing into anything will definitely be beneficial.

  • Excuse me but how does my being unsure about this decision or my chances to get accepted to this course mean that I "seem to have misgivings about the whole thing"? I'm aware that I didn't supply enough info about my career or this MA so whoever takes this on as a reading is going to be a bit in the dark and that's OK with me. If I was looking for informed advice about academia and how it works -and believe me I did and I worked at as a project assistant at a university before and I do have a BA, so I know what is expected of me- I wouldn't do it on a Tarot forum. Your tone is very ... patronizing and condescending even, and that bit at the end -with this being my preparation year and next is being the BIG success year etc- can easily be found on any astrology site's forecasts for Leos this year. So why bother with this response? So, so disappointing.

  • You won't get much help here from anyone here if you continue with this sort of defensive and offensive response. Your failure to answer my questions suggests that they might have hit home a bit too much for you as they sent you into rude mode.

  • And I WAS going to go into more detail after you had answered my questions. But your nastiness has dampened my enthusiasm. That is a life lesson for you.

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