THE CAPTAIN, OR SOMEONE! question please!

  • I am wondering if I should be worried about two guys I used to know.

    One man's name is Mr. Jones. The other man's name (initials) J.W.

    When I lost everything I owned in a fire, they tried to weasel back in my life; for some reason they thought that I would need them. Mr. Jones was hoping for relationship. When I told him no, he got really angry and wished me Bad Luck! !

    J.W. out of spite printed my profile pictures of my Facebook page and taped to his wall (a family member saw them and told me that they think he IS stalking me on sly.

    I HAVE a VERY weird feeling about these two individuals.

    Do I need to be worried or on guard? ?

  • Have you been contacted by Mr. Jones again? You may have to warn this JW that if he thinks he can stalk or intimidate you, you are prepared to go to the police or take legal action. I don't feel he is very brave and would back away once you stand up to him.

    The real question is - why do you keep attracting bullying partners who just want to control you? The answer is because part of you wants someone else to be in control of your life, to take care of everything for you. But you will never have a healthy happy mutually supportive relationship unless you can look after yourself and take care of your own needs. You don't need a parent, you need an equal partner.

  • Thanks Captain. Mr. Jones contacted me out of the blue last Spring. Mr. Jones told me that he got my number from the internet. I still wondering if he will somehow find my contact information again.

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