Can some one give me a reading?

  • I've been employed at a hospital for over 16 years a supervisor position has opened up and I have applied for it. I have done several readings on myself, but would like another opinion.

  • I'm getting two things here sexygem (love Gemini's - my daugher is one and so are two of my friends):

    1. You won't be successful, or

    2. You will be, but won't be entirely happy with it as I get that you're more of a doer than a delegator, even if this move upwards may pay you more, give you higher status and more clout with the usual fools who run hospitals.

    Other things are now popping up here: you are a brilliant organiser, hate bureaucratic bullsh*t and shoot your mouth off when you are annoyed without thinking sometimes (a Gemini trait which I love witnessing, but hate being the butt of!!) I don't feel that a more administrative role would suit you either; as said, you need to be out there DOING the work rather than deciding who does what, etc, pushing pens and shuffling papers and even playing "yes man" into the bargain - to suit the higher ups - which would go right against your grain.

    If you do get this job and find you're not happy with it, then you can use this new knowledge to increase your experience rather than rally against your dislike. You just might consider opening up your own agency some time in the future with all your long service/superannuation after twenty years anyway and be able to put that fine influential personality of yours to good use, and still be able to champion the underdogs of the world who God knows need it ...

    Hope this helps, and very best of luck! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Thank you, I am bored and tired of being the little guy, I feel as supervisor I can represent "us" better then we have been in the past, I start the interview process in the coming weeks, I let you know how it goes.

  • I have also applies for a job and I am torn between guys any help for me

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