• Heya! I was just wondering if someone could clear this up for me....

    I like to read a variety of horoscopes to compare predictions from time to time and one thing that often crops up is the idea of (in my case) "Aries natives" - now, being a native usually means originating from whatever it is, such as native Americans were the first Americans, but in horoscopes I've read "Aries natives" are represented as almost being different from other Aries and I was just wondering how exactly someone can be an Aries native, when if you belong to a particular sign, you've always belonged to it so are therefore "native" anyway??

  • I've never come across a situation where it appears an "aries native" is something different from an "aries person". I always thought it was just another way of saying it. Either you are or aren't an aries or virgo or whatever. Oh dear! Now you have me wondering what an aries sun with aries moon AND aries rising would be called!!!! Probably "trouble" (LOL) since I am aries sun and rising with virgo moon.

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