Concerned About Family-Psychic Help Needed?

  • Hello everyone!

    I haven't been on this site in AWHILE-but I can honesty say I've been great and have been enlightened to a more positive life and better outlook. I have an 8 month old son and wonderful boyfriend who I love dearly. I moved to California with my little family to build a life up for myself. I let all of the pain and hurt from my past (especially with my family) go. I've just been a little concerned about my mother (her bday is July 23rd 1973) who seem like she is going to break and abandon my younger brothers and sisters. My mother has her controlling, mean, self centered and abusive tendencies but she's also a very sweet and selfless, strong woman who has given her all and been through so much. My issue with her is that she is very stubborn. She never believes she is wrong and has an intense reaction to critcism and can be very cold towards others feelings. The last time I physically seen her, I had a mental breakdown. It hurt but I let it go. I just focused on my own development and see that shes not ready to change. I focused more on understanding rather than hating. Doesnt mean I think she's right. I just see her as a human being. My sisters and brothers are all stressed out from her and my father. I can feel their pain from miles away (I am an empath), the thought of them makes me smile but kills me on the inside. Everytime I talk to my mom, I feel like she is about to snap-Is there anyway I can make her understand what she is doing to herself and my siblings? And how can I help my siblings? What can I say to make them understand?

  • Have you ever sat your mother down and asked her what is going on with her and what she needs to be happy? You must move away from reactions as a child and start to treat her adult-to-adult.

  • You right. I intend to be an adult with her its just shes very hard to talk to when it comes to herself and criticism. So, I just act ignorant and just listen to her.

  • Asia118X, I think it's great how you've moved away from reaction and more of an adult approach. Perhaps she doesn't listen. It's always hard when you have to be the parent for the parent.

  • Thank you Captain and Daliolite! I do think its hard to be a parent for her but I accept the relationship as is. I mostly focused on getting my younger siblings to understand her more so they won't waste time being angry and focus on their own lives.

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