May i ask for your insight about situation, please.

  • Would appreciate your opinion.

    At the place where i work (i teach) took place an event, a meeting, where all my colleagues decided about whether entry-level teachers have passed probation period and whether to extend their contracts. I was among these teachers (6 of us in total) and i passed, actually only one woman (my friend) wasn't able to pass it. And the question is about this situation. I don't think that this was fair( They criticized her greatly and it was a highly unpleasant event, i didn't expect this from other teachers. I don't think that this decision was reasonable. I think that it was probably due to some personal issues.

    I just want to ask am i right? This meeting was like a judgement and anyone could be in a place of my friend. Or maybe i don't see something and their position and the decision are also right.

    I understood that the atmosphere here is not so as i thought.

  • Just because a person is your friend and you like her doesn't mean she is also a good teacher. This wasn't personal - the other people judged her fairly on her work and her ability to do it. It's better and kinder that your friend knows whether she is cut out for the work or not so she can find something that suits her better.

  • Dear TheCaptain, thank you so much for the answer.

    I know that there are some students that were really grateful to her and always was prepared for the lesson, Just i think that she is a little bit conflict person, maybe that also played a role.

    I take this situation so emotionally because i think that i also have some problems that she was accused of (like not good grammar knowledge). And i was very disappointed in the way the meeting was. She was just standing in front of us and the other teachers were telling how bad she is. That is strange, i think people should be more kind to each other ( And i don't know what to expect of my colleagues, they could be with the same prejudice towards me probably.

    And do you think that the second chance wasn't good in this situation?

    We voted for this but the number of those who were for it was lower. And i talked then with another girl who voted against and she told me that she did it due to fear that the other colleagues may not understand her.

    TheCaptain, sorry but didn't got the meaning " whether she is cut out for the work or not so she can find something that suits her better. " cut out for means suitable? whether she is suitable for this particular job

  • Yes, it means suitable. Your friend needs to hear honestly if she is right for this work or not. You cannot be objective because you are taking her situation personally, as if it was you in her place.

  • TheCaptain, thank you. You are right i probably not objective. But on the other hand how can other teachers be objective if they even didn't visit her lessons (((, to see how she taught ( that is strange. Only two teachers (one of them is like the main teacher) visited her lessons and they were satisfied.

  • Perhaps there have been complaints from her students or their families.

  • Sadly, this sounds like a matter of being a "good fit" or not. Whatever they may perceive that to be if the work performance is the same and equal to others.

  • hi, Was everyone critiqued. Did they have any examples of what they disapproved of. Sounds like it was really unclear what exactly the issue was. If it was unclear, how could you learn from this spectacle. I don't know. I guess there wasn't enough info exchanged and sounds humiliating, to say the least.

  • Daliolite, yes there were some examples. And the recent conflict was just the day before this meeting. She gave too high mark to students written test, but i think that it was just misunderstanding, because senior teacher told her to be not so strict with this students (she thought that the marks would be too low). Senior teacher told then that she should have consulted. And that she missed some mistakes.

    But i think that this situation could be easily dealt with, they could tell her that she should consult them in future.

    And there also was one conflict with students. But it was kind of bloated too much.

  • TheCaptain, i don't know. But everything goes through our head teacher (if there are complaints so she should know this), and on the meeting she was for her, to give her a second chance.

    But one teacher told that they should not give her an opportunity to stay, because she was really afraid about possible complaints.

  • znl i just think that she could probably do a lot better in other profession, and maybe she just waste her time here, and that's why so happened.

  • But the way they criticized her i think was humiliating, Daliolite.

  • Hi Marishkaa, I can't imagine this experience defines her as not being a good wonderful teacher and or not suitable for the profession! It just seems like in this case several things created a situation. It's hard to believe that a place like a schools environment is so harsh in the way they treated her.

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