For BLMOON and WATERGIRL18-Need insight

  • Hi girls,, In the past you have helped so much and both of you were very accurate and saved my life. So today I come to you again hoping that you can provide me some insight.

    Lately I have been disconected from the spiritual world, been working on reiki instead. I dont know if I can trust on my gut feeling, on my guides because fear is taking over me and this is very personal.

    We are being faced with a huge layoff, I and my partner we both work for the same company, we bought a house we have lots of pets to feed and obligations like everyone else.

    The thing is; where I live theres no jobs, the unployment ratio is very high right now and if things happen the way they are saying, the ratio will increase more coz almost 500 people will be fired from this company.

    Last year I received spiritual info that my partner would stay in the same oraganization, the thing is he moved from one organizaion to another but is still working for the same place and I also received info, that I will be moved but will remain there.

    Now I dont know if I can believe this, coz my hopes are kinda down faced to what we have been informed last week, they r saying they will retire the ones that want to retire and then they will relocate the ones that lost their previous positions and finally if they have no more spaces availabe they will fire the remain.

    My organization compared to others will suffer the biggest cut from 70 only 7 of us will stay and the commander said that wont do any promotions, which means we are s,c,r,wed,.

    Im so worried, I now this is happening all over the world but this is a small island with not many resources and I gave them my best years and I want to have a job and Im one of the fewest that worked in another organization in there but apparently they wont place me there coz the reposition will be done by badge number and theres a lot of people older than me.

    Please help

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