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  • Hi all is it possible that some one can to do a reading for me on my love life witch is very confusing and on my career path? for my career im studying at the moment and find it very hard.

    Thank you in advance

  • There are tarot readers here but they may be busy right now. I can do one for you if you like, until a tarot reader is free.

    What exactly about your love life and career do you need to know?

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for your offer. For my career.... Im studying at the moment for Case management in community service. The tafe that i chose has no placement. i still have 2 terms to finish. My question is would i succeed or fail trying to make a new career for me?

    For my love life i have been by myself for quite some time now and just wanted to see if the man of my heart will finally enter my life?

  • Gino26, if you are ever going to finish up with anything that is no longer makes you happy or is not useful or relevant to you, you should do it in 2015. Then next year will be your year for starting new things, for it is the beginning of a new chapter of your life. A good prayer to say this year would be the Prayer of Release -


    You need to release everything in your life you have been holding onto - even old goals, old attitudes, and long held dreams - if they are unrealistic and don't have a chance of coming true. Your life in 2016 needs to be clear of 'junk' so that new people and new situations can come in. Yet you also need to know which things you must follow through with, too. The Prayer of Release can help you with that. If, after you say it, you still have some of the same goals or hopes, then you should push through with them. 2015 is your year for moving on from out-of-date situations and people, so I don't see you meeting anyone permanent this year, while 2016 is your year for doing things on your own. Yet it is also a year for new people and new beginnings to enter your life so, if you are open to it and have dealt with your issues, you could attract that special someone. But you likely will not always stay in relationships, even though you enjoy the delights of home and family, because you're not always comfortable in the company of other people, and also you like to work on your own internal processing and growth in private.

    One of your main life challenges is learning to persevere and have self-discipline. You must learn that seeing things through to their conclusion can be more satisfying and rewarding than even initiating them. Giving up on things before you see them through to the end will bring you bad luck. Learn to persevere with things because this is the only way you will discover what you want from life. Don't move on to the next crusade before the previous one has been completed. Constant shifts of direction can make you appear unreliable. Certainly you must establish your financial security before exploring any new interests. But, if something or someone is really not making you happy (as opposed to just feeling bored, restless or unenthusiastic), then you should release it. You need to have a sense of who you really are in order to know what will make you happy.

    You should use your knack for dealing with people and your ability to make helpful connections to achieve what you want. You're not likely to be content in a subordinate position for long. You're a natural leader with a way of motivating others by making them feel that their contributions are useful and important. You're an idealist with high standards but you can be extremely impulsive, and this is the greatest risk to your success and health. You may throw yourself in at the deep end without proper preparation and this can result in stress if the challenge is mental, and anxiety if your emotions have led you in the wrong direction. It is extremely important for you to slow down every once in a while and consider the consequences of your actions before you jump right in. Still, once you learn to ground yourself in reality, you should be allowed to generate and express your ideas. You do love to initiate new ideas but you must also learn to conclude them before moving onto something else.

    As to your ideal career, you have excellent organizational, innovative and people skills, giving you great potential for success in business and finance, as well as in the literary and performing arts, and the arena of social reform. You were born to fight for the rights or well-being of others. You would make a superb manager at an executive level or possibly working for yourself. You could be a great entrepreneur, surgeon, technician, producer, promoter, architect, or designer, but you must love what you are doing and be in an occupation that allows you to do your own thing, somewhere you have the independence to follow your own instincts and use your initiative. You would also be happier to have your own personal private office space to work in, somewhere you could enjoy some peace and quiet from time to time. If this sounds like your present course would accommodate this, then stick with it. Otherwise, look around for something you may like better before you make that final 'jump'.

    In love matters, you can often find it hard to settle down in relationships. You are attracted to unusual people and it takes someone very unique and quirky to pin you down. Partners may feel confused by your constant changes of direction, but once you commit to a relationship, you can bring a tremendous amount of energy to it, and that more than compensates for any inconsistencies. You may have to deal with trust issues that can get in the way of having good relationships with others. But, as long as you have established open, honest communication and feel comfortable enough to share your feelings and vulnerabilities - implying trust - with your partner, your relationships will thrive.

  • Hi captain,

    Thank you for the reading.In most of the reading i can relate and you have been very accurate about my character. I will not give up on my course because as you said i like helping people and im good in organizing too. I feel that the course that i have chosen is right for me but i struggle a bit. The only thing that i cannot release is the man of my heart. A few years ago you did a reading on me and him and you said that he is a very good man and at that time he had a few struggles that he was going through and taht i should wait and be near him until he gets through his struggles. Thats what im doing and i have the communication with him and the friendship and the intimacy. But i dont know why its taking forever to be with him? I know for a fact that he isnt in another relationship. Can you please do a reading on this?

  • Gino, in this life, like attracts like. Whatever energy you give off - whether you are aware of it or not - draws to you similar situations and people. You need to feel needed and loved and supported, yet your responsibilities for others can weigh you down. You have been leaned on by others most of your life and you are tired. Commitments weigh heavy on you. You get lonely and want company, but you also fear being trapped in a situation where you have to do all the work, bear the burden. So subconsciously you attract men who won't commit to you, who are relationship-shy. Deep down you know these men won't stick around foreverand part of you likes that, the part that is fed up with being leaned on. You want to have someone to lean on yourself, but your fear of attracting a partner who will become dependent on you does not draw anyone who may want to commit to you. You have to sort out your desires from your fears so that you are not sending mixed messages to the Universe. What is it you really want most from life? Part time relationships with no responsibilities or commitment - or a permanent full-on and serious relationship with someone who will love and support you? If you decide you want the latter choice, you will have to deal with and release all the fears you have about being trapped and the past repeating and being unable to break free from dependent needy people. You have to let go of the people who are not serving you in your life. You should not have to serve others all the time. You need something for yourself after so much giving and not receiving much back in return. Find a giver to love, not a taker.

  • Captain...... Far out you have described me to a-T.. Im very surprised. All my life ive been doing what you have said. Its very hard to change cause i like to help anyone or provide my services. but i gets to the point that everyone depends on me and it gets tiring. Thank you so much for you help.

    From Down Under,


  • Effie, you have got to start wanting someone who will support YOU, not attracting people who YOU can support.

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