May I have a LOVE reading please?

  • Hello,

    I threw out my expectations of what a soul mate should be like, and I met a man who I normally wouldn't have looked twice at. I like him a lot, but I think there are insecurities on both sides. I for one, have perhaps been too guarded. I am now ready to surrender into my feminine essence, but am afraid I may have pushed him away. Would someone please do a reading to see if there is a future with this man.

    Thank you,


  • I see somebody is very self-restraint and refuse to change emotionally.

    Maybe you still don't want to accept him?

    The other one is moving away...

  • You gave that exact same reply to someone else a few minutes ago for an unrelated question. Please get off this forum!

  • I don 't understand why you are angry, this reply is for you but relied to the wrong post, which I couldn't find "delete" or "edit" button to delete after I realized it, so I apologize there after I submitted the wrong reply.

    Ok, if you feel offensive, I'm sorry, but if other members are like you, I guess I won't come here again, not very pleasant experience.

  • Hi pinkcoat,

    There has been many spammers and trolls on this site so ibelieveinlove's reaction And concern is based on those circumstances. You don't have to leave and feel offended based on just this instance. I think ibelieveinlove Just wants a good reading and input.

    Hi Ibelieveinlove, I see how this looked and hope you find a new love. Just a little input from me since I am not a reader, what if you just reach your friend and let him know exactly what you told about being guarded and open the door of communication. Xx

  • It seems more like the OP is the troll/spammer.

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