Captain can you please do this match compatibility reading

  • Dear Captain,

    Could you please tell me how my relationship with this guy would be based on our birthdays.

    Mine : March 29, 1972

    His : August, 2, 1972

    Thank you so very much,


  • This works better as a brother-sister type relationship than a love match. You both share a need for freedom and independence of action. This relationship needs to constantly move forward, change and grow - stagnation is a particular threat to it. You two will generally get on and understand each other well, but the flame of your relationship will periodically flare up and burn out of control. Instability and impermanence are a hallmark here. These conflicts don't actually reflect reality so much as the relationship's resistance to boredom. Even so, arguments can take on a life of their own, snowballing into destructiveness. A love relationship can be passionate here, but it can burn brightly and then quickly be extinguished once the 'fuel' is used up. Furthermore, the emphasis on freedom of action here is likely to arouse jealousies and possessiveness, even should both of you really want to be free to get involved with other people. Friendship is probably a better bet for you, as long as you can maintain objectivity and avoid conflict. The fact that you usually share a mutual understanding does not guarantee that you won't disagree, and over time this can grind down even the firmest bedrock of sympathy. In work, love or friendship, the relationship can become a battlefield of rivalries. Winning is a high priority, but usually your friend will have the upper hand - you may lack the necessary patience, or the love of tough infighting that would be needed to prevail here. Fixed role patterns can also harm this relationship.

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