2015 Forecast

  • Anyone able to give a 2015 reading? Female - DOB 9.23.65

    Thank you!

  • 2015 for you is a very special year with special powerful energies. It is a time of expression and doing things in a big way. Last year's 'fun and frivolity' is now behind you and it is time to knuckle down to some hard work, order and organization. You can demonstrate a large degree of self-control now, even in the most difficult situations. Travel or thoughts of travel may interest you greatly now. Your originality may often come into play when there are problems to be solved, as you can see life from an “out of the box” perspective. This will work well for all concerned. You can accomplish a lot when you work with large organizations and business groups. 2015 can be a year of power and wealth - this is a time in your life when you can, and probably should, be laying foundations for something of lasting value and on a grand scale. This project should be something that will benefit humanity as a whole, and not just your immediate circle. Think in terms of "the sky is the limit", and know that your fondest dreams can be brought into form now. This is your year of attainment. If your motives are for the good of others as well as yourself, almost anything can be accomplished now. This year, it is likely that your thoughts and energy will be directed to career opportunities, business, work, and long-term security. Build or strengthen your foundation, and make important connections with others. Remain realistic and practical, gather information before making decisions, and avoid overindulgence. Self-discipline and a willingness to work hard will result in prosperity for you this year. Congratulations, you have entered a very powerful time in your life! And 2016 will bring you even bigger changes and opportunities than you ever thought possible.

  • Thank you for the great message. Gives me a lot of hope. A appreciate it Captain.

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