Could Someone Help Clear This Up?

  • Hi,

    There's something that has been bothering me lately. I suspect a relative of mine might be in contact with a person from my past. This person has done everything possible to humiliate me and paint me in a negative light. It wouldn't bother me if they were just friends or somthing like that. But, I think that private things are being shared about me. I would rather not have either person know certain things. I am not on good terms with either one. Also, I feel like this person has gone out of his way to badmouth me to others. How accurate are my perceptions? What can I do? It is a very uncomfortable situation to be in.

  • What you can do is try to be less worried about what other people think of you, especially people who are not in your life in any significant way. Focus more on what you think of yourself and raising your self-esteem so that nothing bad that anyone says about you shakes your confidence and self-love. People will judge you most on how YOU behave to them, not what other people tell them about you.

  • Thanks, Captain! It's just that sometimes "ghosts" from the past come up. You're right. This is someone who isn't in my life right now. I just remember what it was like when he was, and how upsetting some of those experiences were.

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