DALIOLITE Need a reading please

  • Hello Daliolite, Hope all is well with you and family. I don't know if you will be able to answer this if not its OK and I thank you for it. My brother Rubens dog Jango died 4-8 and he is feeling so so sad and so teary about it. He is separated from his wife and this dog is his companion. Do you see the dog around him? What can you pick up from the dog. My brother will surely be happy of what he will hear. I know how it is to lose a dog. Remember my dog Rocky which you did a reading?

    I appreciate your help and thank you so much

  • Shuabby here,

    I read this post and I felt that your brother dog will indeed visit him and he will feel the dog around his bed at night as I believe the dog slept at the foot of his bed , or in bed with him. I feel that the dog had the color of black in him and his illness was in or around the stomach area. The dog will linger due to his owner sadness and than cross over.

    God Bless


    Many blessings

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