Clingy aqua ex

  • A reading would be greatly appreciated, preferably by the captain!

    My ex of 1 year randomly approached me today. Started talking about how we should catch up since it's been 2 years since we've last spoken, etcetc. Asked for my # and all that stuff. I'm really confused as to why he would do this. I'm almost certain it's because there's a guy who's been flirting with me in class lately and my ex is probably jealous af.

    Anyway. My bday is may 27,97 moon in aqua and Leo rising

    my exs b day is Jan 23rd 98 moon in sag, Leo rising

    the other guys b day June 26th 98

    I'm really confused about this situation and don't know what my next step should be..

    Thank you!

  • The only thing you need to ask yourself is "do you really want to go back to this ex?"

  • Thanks Captain!! Have a nice day :).. will also post another thread requiring your help soon, please check it out if you can

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