Blmoon Lost items?

  • Hey, blmoon, i have been at my mums for this week and came back, but seem to have lost two things, one i feel was important to me, John barrowman tickets, which is an actor iv been wanting to see since i was 16. I thought id put them somewhere safe and was sure i left them, im not great at sensing lost things but also lost my rainbow hemeite charm bracelet that i got from a pagen event. Do you ever pick up lost things the ticket was the most important for me. But i gues sif its not to be found its meant to be lost and maybe im not meant to go to it. But iv also never been to an event like that before so i dont rly know if i will get another chance its quite expensive. I kinda have this attitude of if its lost its lost for a reason, or im just not meant to have it yet. I rly thought i was gunna save it , but for some reason i had afunny feeling it was gunna get lost. Its happened, before too another object too that my mum brought me a bracelet from spain and i lost that. i Hope your doing well, im doing a bit better. Just fustrated at loosing things and something important, i feel like iv lost. But at the same time, im kinda shrugging it off, Iv only looked where i thought id left it, where it was safe. so maybe it will turn up when i tidy up abit more.

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