How or what do I do to get a gemini to commit in a relationship???

  • But if a gemini doesnt want you in his life, he will let you know! See most people forget that alot of gemini's are intune with people very easily. We can always put ourselves in other peoples shoes. Yes we can be bipolar, but so is the whole world at times, lol. You also have to look at what are the gemini's risings signs and almost the whole spectrum than just understanding the gemini part. Geminis are like the rubiks cube. Once you start you either throw the cube to the side because it gets to complicated or, your so intrigued by it you cant stop until the colors match. But then you wake up in the mornig to find the cude all mixed up again. 🙂

  • Hi Serious7 like your example with the rubiks cube and is pretty much ture. But what I have also learned is that Gemini's say certain things and don't even mean half of what . I know this for sure. Most of my friend are Gemini's and my honey is a Gemini and he's say alot and don;t even mean what he says.

  • So I have a qestion for every gemini out there guy or girl what happens when you have been involved with a gemini man and her being a pisces female for a year now and all I have read about geminis is there unending search to find chance and to not be in routine and so on so if he keeps calling and keeps wanting to see you and hes not seeing someone at least since we have been well whatever this is friends with benefits what does this mean???

  • Can be true with any person worthy. Doesnt matter what sign on that subject! ITs just in my prospective and expierence, most Gemini's are always thinking 50X more than a regular person, lol. MOst of the time they do mean what they say, its the coming through part that can be tricky. YOu have to remember geminis are ALWAYS conflicted.

  • Thanks Serious7 and the things that you are saying are mostly true. I have know him for so long and I am not saying that they are not the way that u describe. I have known my guy friend for atlease 15 years if nor longer and I am always finding new thing out about him, I also have a brother that is a Gemini and he is a quite Gem and different. Actually, I think any sign like you say can carry those type of behavior. Yes Gemini are always over thinknig as I do the same. I am Aqua and I guset we are just over thinkers. We just work, Over all the are really good people. Thank, you.

  • serious7 by worthy would you say at least that you have thought at one time or another about that person if you had been seeing them for a year and you just couldnt decide or for right now it just works? I'm trying to understand what my gemini might be thinking on his side

  • Cancermen why are you over thing your situation. Iwas just read the last part of you paprgraph. What might your Gemini is thinking, but why would you be trying to figure out what your Gemini is thing? Time being wasted. Just enjoy while thing are good or just enjoy him period. Over the years we alwys knew we were good for each other. So I have learned to just enjoy each other while we are here together and have fun. It is so less sressful and without drama. I don't know exactly how the saying goes, but you get more honey from a bee then vinager. I know it goes somwthing like that, u get the point. I don't know when u love a person you just over look the things that are not that important. My Gemini is a good person and has a good heart and very intelligent, that's my attraction for him. And by the way very handsome. Thanks.....

  • Cancermen I know my spelling is so bad this morning. Hope your able to make it out. Sorry

  • I've known a gem for over 30 yrs. We've always liked each other and probably more but avoided each other in favor of higher calling. Then circumstances separated us. He thought I was dead. In reality my family sent me thousands of miles away. He found me recently and he went right to the point about his feelings and lots of questions about us - why I didn't write, etc. I asked him hard ball questions, too - why he never told me how he felt about me. He had girlfriends. He said his feelings for me are timeless. I guess he realized it after I was gone and thought dead. He's extremely clear this time and he told me recently that if it seems he's not around ( he lives thousands of miles away. We only communicate via email) that there's a place for our thoughts of love for each other and that he's always there. His moon is in cancer making him very sensitive and family oriented. His venus is in taurus making him the type who would not wear his heart on his sleeve and is honorable in romance and means what he says, according to a tarot reading. I think my gem gets stuck in thoughts and work, but I believe that he is true with his feelings. I think, too, that when a gem explains things to you, and keeps going back to you, that you could trust he loves you. Gems are extremely attractive and may want to explore other romantic partners in the beginning but if he keeps coming back means that he's really into you because he'll not waste his time on anyone unless the person is important in his life.

  • Tellstar I like your story. Are you guys planning to meet up soon. I know that he has thought about you all those yrs. Are you married and would you be interested in seeinf him again?

  • Hi Worthy1248,

    Thanks for your comment. I'm divorced but he's married. He said he'll come back to see me again. He asked if I would go back home to our old country. Eventually, I will. Of course, I want to see him again but at lot of things will have to be clarified on his side more than mine. OUr story is complicated. A friend advised me to not deny the love but to leave the decision solely to him. I'm taking it slow. He wants the communication to continue. We're catching up on those long darks years. Any thoughts?

  • Tellstar, I don't know about that. He's married and he'e going out of his way wanting to see you. How do you feel about. I personally am very against that because he is married. Really know he's a part of you past. If you where married would you mind if your husband goes out his way to meet up with his past? I have always been a no,no person in regards to that type of situation.That is my opinion on that. Gemini are very charming people and in my case I cannot see myself not being in my Gemini life. We always had sometning special btw us and come to relize that the Love is there and we both know this. I hve always ask myself is it worth it in ? He has challenged me in so many different areas. My love for has really grown. Gemini really have a good heart. I would not put the last decision in his hands WHY? He's the one thats married. Your the one holding the cards. Don't give him all the power...... That's my say on it.

  • Worthy1248,

    What I meant about him deciding is his own situation. I am free to decide which way to go with this but will not be in a triangle. We were foolish at young age that we avoided each other. Now it is much too complicated. We are at a crossroad. I really do not know what lies ahead but I now know our feelings for each other. Does not mean we will change the course of our lives unless its meant to be.

  • Hey guys, just found the post and it sounds cool.

    I used to know a Gem--they are charming,and fun, and good at times--sometimes the games they play makes it hard to tell if they r playing games, or it just u imaginating it lol

    we no longer talk-- I have known him a while while went out for 2yrs and hang around eacher other the other half of that -- somehow it seems we are always around each other and on different wavlelengths when I like him he pulls back and vice versaafter a series of cold love as u guys say it--he used to call almoslt everyday-- and we just talked about everyday stuff, sometimes all thru the night--it was soothing and warm and though the boundaries were not clear it felt like maybe we could be friends?, I started talking about other guys I met --my day basicaly maybe he though i moved on or ?--and suddenly I started to miss him, so so much--he mentioned that's how he does it with friends--once in a while. I say I miss you wish u were here he says like wise --but spend time on this event =some lame excuse for busy.

    I didn't want to play games--after a while it just all takes a toll--so I showed up out of the blue and asked himto spend summer with me --he was surprised but happy almost excited-- but I wanted to be able to trust him -- I wanted a relationship--u could feel the pause then lol

    anyway, I guess I didn;t want to spoil the day so I wrote a long long funny, savy, understanding but honest letter and gave him a week to reply, by a certain time too lol.,told him to take his time and let me know what his heart says and asked also for a reply to let me know what he though of what I wrote.I was honest and it was a little scary-- it wasn't super sappy--just I miss Us and let's make things work etc...

    anyway, I took the lack of reply to be a reply-- and the lack of of a birthday wish a few months later a confirmation. I am drawn to him or atleast I was-- I figured at the very least by descey and respect for someelse's feeling a reply with an actual no whatever... but I guess I might have expected to much from him and myself. I do miss him but I felt like my heart had gone thrua blender and I just didn't want to games--they seemed lame.

    and now I am tempted to write at times but I figure y bother someone who has not shown of any signs of wanting me in their lives--this 1st one might just be for good. I am too stuborn I feel like I put out my feelings on a plate and he just let it crush-- maybe it's me but I beive a true friend would have replied with a nicer email and just explained things-- I would have done that--but that's just me.

    NAyone betting on who's gonna write whom first--the ltter might have been a bad idea, I should talked in person but it done with, n I don't think I should be theone to write-- I htink it's ovious we r done and we should both move on--It's like a metallic magnetic pull, good times and then the blender sets be fair I am a runner--when I like somone I get scarred and run and he has had to pull me in a few times.

    There r two people if one screws up like with letter or so doesn't the othet pull them in if they want them in their lives?

    what do u guys think about this, I would to hear...

    almost half a year b/f this masscarade above, he saked me if I wanted to be with him in a joking way-- i think that''s what he asked I wasn't expecting it and was in though elsewhere...I jokingly said no b.c then I realized he was a little to selfish when it came to me--I was learning to think o fhim as a friend--we talked and I asked him if he had any feelings -- he said not since we broke up-- I can't say much excpect I just didn't belive it I feel like he likes and feels about me but juts won't admit it--I was trying to be serious and he was smartly ditched smootheed over every curve so we ended up talking about serious things in a non serious and joking manner -- abit odd --guess he didn't want a fight. after I just didn't want to talk to him and he started calling like mad and asked to come over to visite me--I was unsercatin of his intenions and if they were really genuine, or just likemy friends said whimsly, and he had said he didn't feel the saem way about me--and I got very busy and it never happened and he satrted to ask me if I though it was a bad idea-- and we went back to just talking--like life long friends about hings that didn't matter and I started talking about the guysin my classes and the silly things they did to make everyone laugh and the calls dwindled and I started to really miss him-- I told him SOOO he said that maybe this time really did miss him.

    I miss him, and I feel we can be good togther but at times I feel he is good with everyone bit selfish and cruel to me and I f ask him about he will be surprsied either explain the bad communication probablem or -- I surprsied him with a viste and guess kinda crushed get togther time with his friends one roomie and a girl--he introduced me--I had lost weight so I asked him about it --he said I looked perfect and bailed to t ointroduce me as an ex they all knew me I guess, and bailed to get a seat with the girl friend-- the roomie was soo nice he talked to me and we conversed.I didn't want to introude on his space so I sat a few chairs away

    and he continued talking with the friend-- maybe it's just me and my expectations but I would think if u care about someone who has been in u're life-- u woul dmake time sure to talk to freinds I did crush there togther time but ask how I was --make converstion not just leave me?

    the nxt tday --he acknowlegded he was a little mean? -- I guess maybe he was trying to show me the bad sad of him to convicnce me we were just friends--That hurt soo soo mcuh--everytime I am ready to give him a chance--he tries his hardest to be the green eyed monster n not the good person I know is in there.( this whole crushing friend gettogther was before I said I miss you but we also went skating b/f the letter and he just wanted to make it so celar we were just friends-- so distant--I don't think I have ever seen friends who act like that--fake friendhsip?

    makes sure he doesn't stay toolong around me goes up makes calls? wow--that really hurt.

    we always seem to be out of sink when it comes to timing and the last thing there was to it was the letter with no reply.and now that I htink of it it seems like child's play and a bad idea -- I guess i hurt him too when I wrote him a letter with an altumatun of summer with me or luck with finding what it was he was looking for.

    if anyone has read this far, I would appreciate the comments-- I think i'll just fate decide this time not matter how much I miss him-- I feel for me he is a little too selffish and cruel and maybe it's me but I feel a real friend who really cared would be a little nicer--honest but human

    but then again, I too in his eyes might be a monster--either way-- I htink he just wanted to move on and maybe that's what's best. I would love to hear what you guys have to say...though this is likely the end of this story. The hurt just hurt too much to where no matter how much u like nad miss them--u just want to saty away--not sure if it's a draw or infatuation at times lreally.when I met him I felt like if I would fall into him I would be o.k n I told him so--he stayed quite--seems to be hte story of this chapter.

    I think at this point I would love to hear from you guys--despite the many errors in the prose--soryy


    light and peace

  • oh and it's been almost half a year since the cold war if it helps any

  • Dragonelf, i don't see anything you did wrong. I use to see myself in some of your life experiences with him. Are you guys a young couple. Gosh I can relate so much to this. I just never encountered a second person or meeting a 2nd person. I want to tell you don't let the letter make u fill like u did something wrong because u did not. Gemini love to receive letters and littles what not's like that trust me, they like that. It should have been something really nice and sweet. I would not ask him to choose or nothing negative. I have wrote my Gemini letters and sent him cards and like I said they like those type of things. They know u have taken time out to think about them. They need to know that you appreciate them. They will dish out what ever they fill like their getting from you. That's part of theit game playing. I hate that so I had to learn. Treat them the way u want to be treated. But, there's a lot to learn about the Gemini and it will be a bumpy ride. It takes a special lady to handle a Gemini and ask yourself is it worth it 🙂 I always ask people is it worth it, because there will times where he will test you. This is what they do. And one other advise, you cannot take it personal. Theirpersonality will make you fill like it is personal. Please trust it's nothing person this jusr how the Gem's are. Sorry, just get prepared it people want to stick it out there. Get ready...... This seems like it is so much, doesn't if? Heck I always say if not with him then with someone.

  • Hi, a comment from another Gemini... we're not all commitment phobes. The problem with Geminis is that we keep things too light for our own good. Most of us (not all, it depends on how your other signs affect you) are not quite sure how to deal with emotions. This includes all emotions. We won't always feel anger the way others do, or sadness, or feelings of love for another person. We are happiest when the atmosphere is light, when people are having a good time, or least we're satisfied when they're not sending "heavy" feelings in OUR direction. We are capable of feeling deep love for another, but it takes a long time for that "love bud" to bloom. Mostly we're apprehensive when dealing with emotionally complicated situations, we are extremely cerebral. We can also be afraid to involve ourselves emotionally because we think we will be made a fool of. Geminis need to work through many embarrassing life lessons before we lose the fear of humiliation (I embarrass myself on a daily basis!!!).

    For all those confused by a Gemini's mixed love signals, just be patient. If you're not in a relationship with one but are waiting for them, tell them that while you're waiting for them you'll be dating others casually. (It's good to be upfront with them, but at the same time show that you're losing patience and might just give up hope on them.)

  • Kylbear very well put. Every word you have written is so true. The part were you say it takes time for them an they like it light. If they know your interested, they are still going to do things in their own time. They need to be sure, it takes them awhile. You have to have patient with them and that requires time. But for me it is worth it at the end. I know that they really have a good heart. They just need a little more time on their side. Gemini are selfish beings also, selfish. So I alwys say it takes a special person to handel or br with a Gemini. They can be complicated and play a lot of games. So if your just getting involved w/Gemini, all I can tell you is be ready for the roller coaster and the bump in the road. Just remeber to give them space to breath and have patient. If you don't have those 2 things, well I don't know how far ypu going to survive. But over all when their in, their in and its a good thing. Please let the know that you appreciate them. That their is another plus and remeber keep it light.

  • yup, were young couple--don't speak anymore due to letter not sure if will in future.U know that was a lot to read thru just wanted to say thanks for reading and for inpute Worthy1248 and Kylabear-- what u guys said definatley made sense --yes, Kylabear I don't think he liked heavy feeling coming his way not sure he knew how to deal with those--Patience is not my forte -- I just didn'rt want to play games -- had I been patient --- but I just had to know then if he wanted to spend the summer with me and I guess a no reply and zero bdaywishes was No.I though the no bdaywishes was a bit cruel-- but he wanted to be talk once in a while friends when he knew I missed him and I guess me giving him an ultumiatum hurt him too.

    I just don;'t get how out of sync two people like us can be-- it's just a little too cruel -- u like one in two months and then u dont' and then maybe u do. We were both each other's serious firsts but we didn't actually spend the night--he said he wanted to be in a relationship--I guess I just wasn't the one he had in mind, then-- or summer would have been o.k.

    To be fair--he has a lot on his plate and I might have pushed a little too hard, too far--he said at one time he was not as situated as he wished he was in not so many words. I know he cares, he just said he stopped trying to show it b/c I didn't belive it-- but doesn't care just flow out when u really care about someone w/o even trying? I also asked him in person about the summer--he was excited and even gave me his shedule--but I was too far ahead thinking of what other things to say and not forget to mention--when he already had given me his answer -- so dumb, so naive--oh well I guess I pushed him right out of my life--no more games, and maybe it's a little easier -- but I still miss him and It still hurts-- go figure, run away from hurt, a annd still hurt is not very far.

    some friends says he'll come back to me-- but I wonder.I almost wrote him to say hi--the holidays r such a bad time to remember somone 😞 but I figured if he had wanted me in his life he would have let me know-- or at least wished me a happy birhtday--the lack off-- just showed me he doesn't want me in his life.

    anyone have any comments as to the mystery of the missing letter.I am not sure if he has just decided to move on--which maybe best for both of us, maybe-- or he just had had enough of the dramatic--but it was genuine--somehow I expected a genuine replay back, however small.

    wow another big draft, I need to work on wrtting less lol

  • hey guys--just reread my section andn wanted to say --sorry for the rumbling. I guess what I am asking is now that I think i have pushed him out of my life with that letter--do I have to be the one to write him, though he could have wished me a happy birthday if he wanted to contact me or--do I just let it go?thnx

    p.s I wish I had written on this post when I was losing my patience and not like now, after):

    but thank you for u're inpute--he is a good person deepdown somewhere--maybe he just wants to float around and explore by himself --he is young, and maybe he feels he has been around me for too long-- I down to earth, impulsive, creative and stuborn but fun--maybe he 's decided to give the girls in high heels and dark mascara a chance.

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