How or what do I do to get a gemini to commit in a relationship???

  • I have always known or have been involved with a gemini. Now I have always understood them I think better than most until now I being a pisces myself honestly love and enjoy my freedom. Now me and my gemini have been involved for a little over 9 months now in total I have known him for 8 years and it has honestly never been like this before dont get me wrong there has always been an attraction there but neither one of us ever thought of actually acting on it at least I didnt and then nov of last year we hooked up and wanted me to commit and at the time I had only been single for maybe 3 months from a break up so I wasnt completely wanting a full relationship and I was honest with him I have always been that way with him straight up no beating around the bush. But it seems like lately he is trying to that level and this time around alittle over 9 months later I just dont know. I dont want to get hurt and I defintely wouldnt want to ruin a friendship permantely. I guess I just dont know what to look for as far as sincerity and if this is something he is really serious about. If anyone has any insight please help me understand this situation before its too late to fix. Thank you very much for your time

  • Sounds like you and me have somewhat of the same problem... how to find out how deep a relationship is going without losing the relationship totally???

    Sorry I can't really help... see I understand the problem, not wanting to hurt and all, and not wanting to lose what you havel... but I guess, for you and for me... is it gonna be worth it??

    Is perhaps finding that the relationship you really want is possible and reachable worth taking the chance of blowing what you already have?

    I guess it's supposed to be, but sometimes change is hard... and not moving forward is at this point in my life .. just not an option....

    So I guess you have helped me more than I you.... Time to be 100% honest and out there and take that chance... who knows??? We could both wind up happily involved... and if we don't... we will still be here to seek again....

  • July4thbaby thanks for your positive uplift I needed that these days I'm just tired of wondering where this might go and in all reality I'm a go getter but at the same time with this one I have done everything that I can possibly do I have gave until there was nothing left to give and then completely ignored him at other times hopeing he would realize that were one in the same and wants to acutually take it to the next step. I feel like in general I have been robbed of the good that happens in the beginning of getting to know someone the jitters, because I have known him for so long. Frankly it has come to my conclusion that I am far to good for this gemini and if I cant see that after 8 years then he never will so I am on a journey to overcome this and move on and unfortunately that also has to be letting him go once and for all. They say everything happens for a reason right this one is just harder than others so if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it

  • There has got to be some geminis out there that can help me out right???????

  • I am a Gemini and was married to a Pisces!!! I have all the info you need and I am going to hand it over. First and foremost, Gemini's and Pisces make a great match and will always have a huge sexual chemistry. We just could not get enough of eachother, it was the most important time in my life. So your wondering what happened, well it's like this. I was the Gemini, so I was very focused on making money, success, and making my pisces (delicate, loving, free spirit, tender loving) have the best life together that we could. I was always the one who figuring everything out. One day after 2 years of marriage I made the biggest mistake of my life. My Pisces and I were having an argument (Oh, by the way we never argued until this day) and I said something to this day I will regret, Gemini's are like that, we will get to the heart of an issue and say or do whatever it takes to get our point accross, I said, "You are suppose to the man in this family, step up to the plate and take some responsibility. I can't do this all by myself anymore." I did not realize at the time that those words had pearced my Pisces soul. But, they did and from that moment on my Pisces never felt the same way about me. He finally after we divorced, told me I had immasculated him with those words and that he had to go on without me because I was such a huge force in his life. He needed to go forward without me to find out who he was because I had defined that for so long. My heart broke into a million pieces and I really never recovered from the split.

    So here is my advice for you, since you are the pisces and he is the Gemini, I understand him more than I do you so I will deal with him. Gemini's are lifers once we commit, that's it, for life. Given this info Gemini males will take a long time to commit, on the contrary female Gemini's are flighty and willing to jump into anything that feels good immediately not always thinking things through to the end.

    If you just back off a little and leave your Gemini alone with his thoughts he will come around sooner than later and believe me it will be worth it.

  • myviewpoint you are truely a blessing from above at this point no one ever understands me and my gemini when I'm trying to explain how wonderful we are together, the problem is I cant read him about us but I read him on everything else all I have asked of him is that he share his feelings with me we have always been friends so this is very new to both of us but up until now we have always told each other everything I think he wants to commit but very afraid that he might actually fall for me and then I will hurt him in some way, which is the same that I feel. Since we have known each other for alittle over 8 years now he knows my family so when he bumped into my cousin the other day he had told her that he was really in to me but he just couldnt figure me out then went into saying that he hopes that I'm not clingy which I have never been but most of his exes were but honestly I think secretly he wants that he wants someone to need and want him and I'm not like that I have my own things my own money everything but everyone needs companionship with someone I'm just at a stand still at this point I dont know what to say or do.. So any help or advice you can throw my way will be very much appreciated. I'm sorry yours ended that way I couldnt imagine what you must have gone through and if there is anything that I can answer on your end please let me know.

  • I am a gemini too! myveiwpoint is so right. We talk ourselves in love with you if you give us a chance, most people get to anxious and grabby, just go with the flow, as if you like things just as they are. Let him wonder why you don't want more. He'll talk himself into convincing you that this is forever.

  • okay Im a gemini and really you shouldn't be going for one. If they dont want to commit, they are great at acting and can trick you.. you have no idea.. they get bored their restless and quite frankly you should leave them alone. If they come back they will probably want to commit, but you and geminis aren't compatible. I am friends with pisces, just cant be in a relationship..they seem to get on my nerves. geminis are bipolar. They need someone who is decisive and unpredictable. pain in the ass. They actually need someone who is the opposite of you. Somebody thats cold at loving that they feel they have to work for and someone who is a fire sign. Really your wasting your time because eventually they will cheat on you.sorry to say they wont change..

  • Cancermen, the best advice is to ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. If he doesn't want the same thing then he is not right for you. I spent a long time in a relationship, on again, off again with a man who didn't want to be in love. I ended it last November and then he came creeping back in my life and I opened the door yet to me disappointed once again. The night he was going to come over to my place to talk and to comfort me because I had a miscarriage last November with his baby. That night he stood me up to get laid from one of his hoes. I urge you to look at other posts that I just did on here about the book, Calling in the One. This really helped me get clear on what I WANT. Not what a man wants me to be and stop wasting time sitting around wondering....waiting.....settling. This is about you and start focusing on what you want. If he doesn't want to move forward with you in the same vision, then he is not the one.

  • Fisch4552 it sounds like you have had bad experiences with pisces in the past sorry to hear that. Everyone I know is just about gemini and I have no problems with them at all I am cold lover very unpredictable thats what drives him crazy to the point that he is a stalker and calls me all the time. It also happens to be because pisces are alittle of each sign that is what makes us so unique we get along with everyone dont get me wrong I have people that dont like me but its usually because they dont care for my bold brutally honest point of view I just call it how it is I believe everything happens for a reason and there is always something to learn so why not try it and if it didnt work then well it didnt work, but since when did people become so uncomfortable with discussing their true feelings towards another person they care for why has it become so hard for most people to discuss their wants and needs that determine if you and that person are truely compatible? I appreciate your comments and honestly 🙂 and I do agree with you on some things its just you its always nice to hear other views and opinions thanks for writing

  • sexygem I had a question for you how long does it typically take for you to realise that your truely digging someone? What would you say attracts you to someone?

  • Im a gemini 🙂 and if you want commitment it might sound stupid but from what i know (and a have a good few gemini friends aswell as myslef) We like a bit of a chace you want to get her you pretend your not interested (not for too long tho we'll get bored) just for about a couple of weeks then suddenly text her and yano blah blah then if your in a realsonship with a gemini be all lovely dovey holding hands cute complaintments the lot.. But this lovey dovey stuff will only work if shes really into you.

  • Thanks GeminiQueen it helps to actually hear from geminis what they like and dont like because like you said if they are interested they play hard to get which in return means that you dont really know what they like and dont like. He always tells me that I'm such a mystery and he cant quite figure me out which is hilarious cause even there are times when I can read him good but there are other times I'm just lost trying to figure out which direction hes coming from but I dont tell him that :() I'm such a brat. but it obviously keeps him interested and were going on about 3 months of trying to figure each other out he doesnt say it but I know hes afraid of getting hurt or even letting me in for that matter but I have never been in his face about it cause I understand that it takes time to truely trust people but I just want honesty if he likes me and wants to be with me then announce it and if not I would rather him just say so, so at least I can move on to finding someone who wants me as much as I want him you know. Still lost waiting to be found.....

  • So my gemini called me last night at 2:48 am out of his damn mind. I saw that he was calling and didnt answer it's one thing to be spontaneous and want to have fun but I'm sorry the kitchen does close at a descent hour even pitbull says you only have until 2am. 🙂 hilarious so I havent heard from him since but he must have called every girl he knew that night cause he ended up calling my cuz a hour later to see if she was up and wanted to hang out I think I have just defined my gemini as strickly a booty call only its obvious at this point thats what he thinks of me so I have withdrew my cards from the table and I'm walking away to another table hoping to find a guy that has a straight of hearts. Wish me Luck !!!!

  • everyone is different the main thing is to keep it light, and of course respect yourself the minute you fall for that late night crap that's all you'll be able to get, I'd give it 3 to 6 months then say you're just not having fun anymore, annd/or you're board with all of the guys who just want cansual relationships and need a change but doubt that he can give it to you and cease get preoccupied with the implication (never say) that you found someone a little more interesting, if that doesn't work let him kick rocks

  • Kicking Rocks just sounds better to me at this point in my life I have given him 8 years to notice me adore me and know if he wants to be with me or not by now!!! up until the last four years has it ever been flirting or messing around or anything just friends and man did he try like hell to be with me he never stopped so I finally gave him a chance last nov. I never got too attached or got stalker if anything I knew not to get my hopes up as far as a relationship or to even get attached until I knew he actually wanted to be with me. He's 28 years old for crying out loud I'm only 23 own my own home have a damn good job and I know that I'm capable of having someone that adores and excepts me just the way I am without all the bullshit games and drama. I truely will wish him the best I dont like ending things on bad notes but I hope he can find someone thats truely as unique as he is. You would just think after a life of hustling and trying to come up in the world by working your ass off and playing the countless games he has for the last 10 years with who knows how many girls that he would have found exactly want he wants and go for it by now. Oh well you win some and you lose some you cant win them all!!!

  • Cancermen, I am in the exact same situation as you, having been with a gemini for 8years as a "close friend". He always made sure to keep me in his life, inviting me to all his social functions. I was never really clingy to him either, which was probably why he felt at ease around me.

    I got tired of waiting for this social butterfly so recently I asked him how he felt about me. He told me that he "thinks" he doesn't feel the same way about me as I do for him. But funny thing is when I asked him how he would feel if I started dating other guys he said he "might be jealous". I really think gemini's have a hard time making up their mind. They will have trouble committing before 30 years old...only time when they will want to settle down is when they realize everyone around them has gotten married! They are just outright afraid of commitment!

  • virgoadele it's soundsl ike you have geminis pretty figured out yourself if it's anything I have learned lately its all they want is their cake and want to eat it to and even if you start dating which is what I have done lately he started to say to play all kinds of games saying that he had feelings for me and he just cant understand why I would start dating someone all the same stuff I had asked him to say before I went out and found someone that makes me happy and wants to communicate and show emotions he even became obsessed for a minute but then he continued with his life and found someone else to mess around with that hasnt been emotionally messed up by a gemini yet . Let me just say that I am a thousand times happier already some people are meant to be and others are not I absolutely love geminis for their character and personalities they are fun I would just advise keeping them as a friend 🙂 thats in my personal opinion or a quickie with no emotional attachment.

  • SexyGem you are right. You have to keep it light with these beings. Remeber male Gemini's need their space to be able to function. They get scared and run away for a while. They think we are trying to smoother them, not true. I do know this to be true about male Gem. I have been with one for a while and it's all good.

  • Forgot to mention they like to play games. Their really good with that.

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