10 of Swords as Approach to breaking up Entirely

  • I drew two cards for incite prior to doing an official let go of a boyfriend.

    I want to address this one card. 10 of swords

    This person is very retaliatory. I recently just discovered more about his previous scheme. He had contact info and photos stored on computer of a male that previously tried to harm me in the past, when I was at college. I forgave him for what he did before, (used family to get to me and made a public smear campaign) but I cannot respect him and love him anymore.

    I drew a card for the best approach to letting him go and got 10 of swords. This is a bit confusing for this position.

    Maybe this is suggesting to just say something along the lines of, this is at its end and its time for me to move forward...

    Or maybe, I just go and never look back....

  • What i saw in your 10 of cards is that you have reached the rock bottom with this person. You will now turn the corner and things will be brighter. Be careful as you exit that situation. Keep in mind that things are already turning around for the better. Say good by and dont look back.

  • thank you

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