A disturbing dream

  • i have just woke up because i had a very unpleasant, disturbing dream. i was in a kind of jeweller's shop or it was a stall with jewellery and i was looking at amber jewellery, there was a man nearby. Suddenly another man, the owner of the stall?, came close to me from behind, put a delicate necklace round my neck and fastened it. He was very close to me and i was feeling stuffy air as he approached and very bad, bad energy from him. Suddenly i saw his face with his narrow lips twisted in insincere smile. What also drew my attention was that the lips were dark, kind of blackish. i knew i should not have anything to do with him, that i should disappear as quickly as possible and so i did. i thanked for the jewellery and wanted to leave. i woke up with a throbbing heart and very unpleasant feeling. i was scared. What can it mean? Does my subconscious want to warn me against something? can anyone try and interpret it for me?

  • This is not a warning dream. It is more of a very deep fear that needs releasing....the full moon is tugging. A jewelry dream is a positive dream ....a lucky dream. You have a fear of "desire".....and feeling entitled to gifts and happiness.....you tend to feel you must earn abundance or do something worthy to be entitled to joy. Many people fear that if something too good comes their way that it means there will be a pay day or something bad will follow. It defies logic and often comes from a childhood of never knowing the moods of parents........not trusting good times because it doesn't last. Recently you had thoughts of wanting badly to change and prayed for clarity about self sabotage. You may want to use the mantra....IT IS SAFE TO FEEL GOOD...IT IS GOOD TO FEEL SAFE. blessings! PS...You may be uncovering hidden hurt and distrust attached to someone who you loved when you were innocent and they made shiny promises they rarely kept but you feared losing them if you spoke out in anger.

  • What a relief the dream is not a warning. i was feeling terrible when i woke up, convinced that something bad was about to happen. Especially this overwhelming and repelling energy coming from the man in the dream and the expression on his face were frightening. Deep fear... there is a lot of truth in what you say, I have never thought about it but I guess deep down I have a conviction that you need to deserve happiness, that the wheel of fortune is inexorable (what goes up must come down) and that you had better not expect too much or too good things to happen if you do not want to get disappointed… maybe you are right that it stems from my childhood and is related to one of my parents' frequent bursts of anger. Do you think this hidden hurt refers to someone in my past (the parent) or maybe to somebody from very recent past (a man I cared for)? Now when I think about it the dream is the result of many different things happening in my life currently, fear of losing a job, fear of losing somebody, a big fight I had with one of my family members just yesterday, also a movie I watched where masculine power was abused... I am glad the dream has nothing to do with negative influences entering my life. Thank you Blmoon for your help.:) Blessings.:)

  • Your intuitions are good. Usually a vivid message dream like that does get digested right away but it takes a bit to unfold past the fear. I believe the pattern began in childhood with a parent and that pattern has continued to draw that same dynamic in present relationships and past relationships because that is the only way buried hurts can find a way to come to light and be healed. Those wounds usually have too much emotion and fear attached to be dealt with voluntarily. The stronger you get in life the more likely your wounds will finally come to light so you can gain awareness about yourself in a loving non judgmental way when understanding choices you made you regret. The bottom line emotion I get that holds you back is you never really feel safe. AND you fear your own anger.......anger is not always a bad thing but in your childhood you ate your anger. You fear hurting others, fear making mistakes by speaking up. Fear cuts us off from our good intuition......and where our focus goes GROWS so be energy conscious when in worry....let your emotions have their moment...like the weather, let them wash through you but when taking action always make choices from a calm place. We can't control our feelings, only our actions. Bringing a wound to light that has created a lifetime of unwanted choices can be a rough ride but is so full of positive reward once you get to the other side with a new wiser awareness of who and why you are. You can not erase who you were made to be....your pathology...but in awareness you can now manage your shadow side. It is all good!! Remember that now that that door is open life will bring you practice events to make better choices. BLESSINGS!

  • Moonalisa, I wanted to mention this as well. I don't know if you've been shopping or went to a flea market recently. You might have picked-up on something that you touched or perhaps wore. If I sleep with an article of someone else's or someone has been on my bed, etc. I will pick-up on bits and pieces about them. To me it feels like something that you came in contact with and are possibly getting a psychic impression from. Possibly a shady dealing in regards to something you came across,etc.

  • Thank you Blmoon and Daliolite for your comments. I think now i do understand the dream. The man in the dream didn'tt have the face of somebody from my life, that’s why it was a bit confusing to me, but that can also have a meaning, a face of a stranger could mean that I did not really know the person who was part of my life. It’s all clear to me now. As for the fear of my own anger yes, I know perfectly how words can hurt when uttered in the heat of the moment. One of my parent’s words could cut like knife and they affected me deeply when i was a child even though they were not always directed at me. And in this respect I have never wanted to be like them. But there are moments when I react exactly the same, losing control… ,when anger accumulates or is repressed for too long it can burst double-barrelled. Strange, isn’t it? you copy the kind of behaviour you have always hated. Losing control in anger and having regrets later on..., this is what I fear I guess.

  • Treat wise self to something nice!!! Happy full moon....it's a life changer. BLESSINGS!

  • Happy full Moon to you too! 🙂 and Happy Easter! Many thanks and Blessings! 🙂

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