• I'm curious if there is any opportunity for an acquaintance to turn into a friend or more, and overall compatibility - if anyone is able to do a reading. Getting mixed signals, or perhaps I'm wrong about that.

    His birthdate is 02 April 1978 (hope that's right)

    My birthday is 25 October 1979.

    Thank you.

  • This can be a good working match-up, but it tends to be difficult for a love relationship. It may well feature an unconventional lifestyle but it can be quite convincing to the world at large. Danceur, your finely developed aesthetic taste can meld well with this man's direct and dynamic energies, the result being a shared flair for interior decorating, architecture, design or fashion. The two of you can value your relationship with each other, be it a friendship or a professional endeavour. This man does not have much financial acumen, but you have a good eye for a bargain and know how to cut costs - the two of you can make a good team on the job with a special talent for sales and marketing. "Pitching' unusual ideas is your forte.

    However, when it comes to personal matters, you Danceur are a thinker and a commentator, and you can drive this fiery, action-oriented and sometimes child-like man crazy by trying to analyze and correct his behaviour. All kinds of arguments can result, particularly when he refuses to listen to you. He doesn't usually look for trouble, but he can have problems listening to different viewpoints and an inability to compromise, making others feel excluded. He needs to learn to temper his idealism with realism. What matters to him isn’t what others think, but his own personal vision and being true to himself and his beliefs. In romantic relations with you, he may well run into trouble - a love affair or marriage is thus not recommended for the two of you. In love matters, this man can be very idealistic and can make a demanding and attention-seeking lover. He may alienate you with his extreme views and must learn to confront emotional difficulties in a relationship rather than run away from them, as he has a tendency to do. Even as friends, you two may hit it off better as companions and leisure-time partners who can share interests and have some light-hearted fun together than as intimates. A deep friendship can prove a bit stressful and the mutual benefits may not be satisfying enough for the two of you to want to continue it.

  • Thanks Captain!

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