Letting Go

  • 'Tis the season - eclipse season - to be letting go of everything you don't need in your life. There may be things, old dreams, that you have yearned for a long time - a lover, more money, a new job or home etc. - that may not be appropriate for the person you are today. You may have outgrown certain desires and not realized it. Or they may never have been right for you at all.

    Today I give everyone, including myself, the challenge to let go of anything that you are tightly holding onto. The old saying is true that, if you really want something, you need to let go of the urge for it and simply relax and be at peace, knowing you only get what you really need, not necessarily what you want. Today is the day to trust the Universe to provide you with all your real needs. Let go of old beliefs, outdated goals, bad habits and negative attitudes. Whatever it is you want, let it go and it’ll either come much easier or else it was not right for you in the first place and the urge for it will disappear.

    But this crucial “letting go” part of the manifesting formula can be challenging. An example is the story of a man called Namaste Faustino who had a very common problem, a love obsession. In his own words, here is what happened:

    "I met a woman named Kelli. She was amazing; we clicked but the next step never happened. Problem was I couldn’t stop thinking about her. This had never happened to me before so I was at a loss about what to do. This went on for a really long time and it drove me nuts.

    Finally the mother of a friend of mine heard about what I was going through and came to the rescue. She said, “You need to use the Prayer of Release. All you have to do is say it out loud one time. If this woman is meant to be in your life, you’ll continue to think about her. If she’s not, the desire to think about her will drop away.”

    I was willing to try anything so I did. To my total and complete surprise, it worked! I stopped thinking about Kelli and that was that.

    I’ve given this prayer to others and seen equally positive results. If I ever have another friend or client who is convinced s/he is meant to be with someone, the prayer is the first place I’d start …

    And now for the 'letting go' prayer itself: -


    I accept all people, places and things that are a part of my path.

    I ask that all people, places, and things that are a part of my path come to me.

    I release all people, places and things that are not a part of my path.

    I ask that all people, places and things that are not a part of my path release me.

    I hope this prayer helps bring you peace and allowing next time you’re holding on too tightly. It’s already worked for me!"

    Now you let go and let God!

  • Amen Captain. Thank you!

  • necessary but sometimes sooo hard...

  • I am reading this Captain and thought I had let go, but it keeps coming back. I have emailed you pics in the last of mike. You have done readings. I thing 2011 was the last one. Well, I found out that he has terminal cancer now. And I am beyond broken. What had me even go looking was a series of dreams. And anxiety, I had this awful feeling he was dying. I went looking and sure enough, he has colon cancer that has spread to his liver and lungs. I have reached out but he has not responded. 😞

  • Doeyedpisces, that is Mike's choice and you must respect it, as much as it pains you. Why is it do you think that you cannot let go, even when it appears he has?

  • I feel like he is my twin soul.

  • Well this could not be a more apt prayer. Seems everything is about letting go surrendering and trusting...all is as it should be. I was just about to write diatribe of all my stresses and woes and this beautiful prayer reminded me things are as they should be. I pile the stress on myself and I need to surrender stop worrying about what I don't know or can't "fix" I will find the internal strength and don't need to have all the answers.

  • Too right, Pfree!

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