For the Captain - Compatibility Reading Please

  • Hi Captain,

    I would love/appreciate a compatibility reading for myself and a new Sag man that I'm currently involve with (if you have the time). My date of birth 18 March 1980 and his is 29 November 1978.

    Many thanks


  • This relationship tends to work better for friendship rather than love.

    The two of you want to go where the action is. It isn't enough for you to have imagination - you will eventually want your dreams to be translated into reality. The word 'eventually' is crucial, though, for it can take months or years before fantasy is realized in action. But since the two of you bring out each other's practical side too, making plans for such endeavours, down to the last detail, can be highly satisfying for both of you. The theme of travel will usually figure here in one way or another, for you both take great pleasure in regularly moving from place to place.

    A love affair or marriage here will favour long distance trips and, if a period of time goes by without any mention of such travel, you both may get itchy feet. Travel provides the perfect escape from the relationship's problems but also acts as a safety valve, allowing you to let off emotional steam built up by frustration or neglect. Expressing anger is often a major problem here, in that it can be hard for you both to find a socially acceptable way to let loose, or to avoid abusiveness or violence in such confrontations, whether physical or verbal. A friendship can exhibit less of this anger and internal pressure. Your friend's jumpiness and your flakiness can cause issues to surface, especially when it comes to being on time for meetings or appointments. You are both capable of goofing off together and procrastinating when you should be getting down to hard work.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for your reading. Much appreciated.


    P xx

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