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  • Hi, The other night I was awakened by a disturbing dream. I saw a body face down in the ocean, he had on black biking shorts and a red and black sleeveless shirt. He was 15 years old and he was my son but I could not reach him quickly because I was on the fifth floor balcony of a hotel overlooking the water. I called out for my Dad to assist ,but the father of my daughters friend (who I rarely see) came to the room as if he was my Dad. When I saw this individual I immediately was awakened, thus the end of the dream. I have been disturbed for the past few days trying to understand the message that was being sent to me.

    Any ideas, interpretations or thoughts are welcomed.



  • I'm going to have a stab at this for you my friend, as I can appreciate how disturbing this dream would have been.

    I will say that sometimes dreams are prophetic, so won't lie there. If your son rides a pushbike, then in simple terms, he must take care when riding near bodies of water.

    Yet in this dream, I think there's too much symbolism in it for it to be prophetic, so rest easy. And when I say "sometimes" it's a more rare happenstance compared to the usual symbolism dreams represent.

    Firstly, water in dreams represents emotions. Is your son being emotionally affected by anything in his life at the moment? Does he have a crush on some girl who's not interested in him? How is his relationship with his father? Is he being bullied at school, or his confidence being dented some other way? The colour red usually indicates either passion or confidence with black being the sum of all colours - or nothingness in a sense. Black is usually worn by people who aren't sure of or are trying to find their identities, or are in mourning (as we know), or as a base colour matched with other brighter colours to keep balance (I do this a lot myself - I love black clothing).

    So, have a chat with your son would be my advice (though I hate handing out advice as such). Fifteen year old boys are not known for communicating all that well are they? Particularly if they're drowning in a sea of emotions they can't control and want to appear tough and "manly". My foster son has been a great education for me as we've had him in our family since he was 12 (he's now eighteen).

    What sort of boy is he? Is he a sensitive type who hides his feelings, or a willing talker? Is he a macho type who is all pragmatism and logic?

    This dream could be a message to you that you need to open the lines of communication with your boy so he can come to you with whatever is on his mind. I repeat the question of his relationship with his father - is he an absent dad? Or a very aloof one when he's home? Is he judgmental or controlling with your son in any way? This could be why your father didn't appear as who he is in the dream - was he like this when you were growing up?

    All these questions need answering and thinking over in order to get the real guts of this dream clear. And one more thing: If your son doesn't ride a pushbike, then this dream could be saying his growing independence is at risk (bikes usually represent independence in dreams; particularly motor bikes) Maybe he wants to do or choose something he really wants on his own, and he's being prevented from doing so.

    It also seems that whatever is going on in your son's heart and head at the moment may be something you feel incapable of helping him with (indicated by your fifth floor location and inability to get down to help him). Maybe you also feel that it's only another male (father) who can help him rather than yourself. Remember; boys need their mother's emotional input and influence in their lives at all times, even if it seems like they're pushing you away. Just try to be there and be open and non-judgmental with them; it's that simple. God knows I made enough mistakes with my foster boy to know that by now!!

    I hope this has been of some help to you and wish you good luck. I honestly get the feeling that your son is at a stage of personal growth combined with an emotional crossroads, and needs a vent so that his emotions don't literally overwhelm him. I also feel that you need to be confident that you CAN provide that helpful vent for him. GOOD LUCK and best wishes xoxoxoxox

  • Well, the dream was too horrific and I think that is why you awoke suddenly. Five always seems to symbolize change. Something is always happening on the 5th, 14th, 23rd etc. with me. Sometimes just the fact that things are happening is change. Be protective over your son. I get the inclination that his father is not present--am I right. Get whatever help your son needs because I think this dream is indicating a need for both spiritual and maternal protection. The fact that you are visiting (hotel) to me indicates you are visiting a place in the future. I believe the dream is warning you. Don't be fearful just heed as a warning.

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