White Butterfly Encounter

  • While in the sanctuary of my back yard/patio this morning, a white butterfly came to visit. I have never seen one before. It was pure white and very delicate. Maybe it was a moth...but it seemed too delicate.

    Wondering what the message was...

  • Could it have been the soul of someone who has passed? Departed loved ones often use butterflies as vessels to visit us with a message of love and hope.

  • A white butterfly is the symbol of good luck. How wonderful!

  • Thank you both.

    After the encounter I did an internet search and got the passed over loved ones message, but wasn't sure that was it because the people in my family that have passed did so before I was born. The few that have died during my lifetime I wasn't all that close to so I wasn't sure the explanation resonated. However, I have since realized that it doesn't really matter when they died or how close they were to me so maybe it was a message from someone that they are here with me.

    Good luck would also be very welcome!

    In the last week I have been trying to buy a new used car and the negotiations were tough - it's a white car :). So maybe my crossed over loved ones are helping me get my new ride and it was a sign that good luck would be on its way so I would get it at the price I want (LOL)

  • Hi Water girl, I feel like this Good luck is totally yours (earned) and not sent by any passed over relatives. You have it all on your own! Some thing nice happening., new white car! Any other nice thing or event.

    I don't think it matter when relatives passed before or after you bec all is known to the spirit. Much like angles and or arch Angels. Our passed loved ones are connected to us beyond time and space. Energy is all over w no beginning oe ending. Xxoo

  • I feel like this was the soul of a child. The butterfly had an innocent pure feel to it. Perhaps it was to remind you to enjoy life like a child does, simply and without fear.

  • The Spirit is female from your mom's side of the family. This is someone past for many years. There is a J in the name. . She is wearing white but not from our century. Another name is Lidia that she says is associated with her. I sense Lydia is her mother. i asked if there was a message and the butterfly just said to tell you....you are safe.......you are protected and relax. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks everyone. I think you all hit on stuff.

    I always get messages about being more childlike as joy is hard to come by these days.

    I will ask my mother about the J name and Lydia. I don't really pull cards any more but this weekend (around the time of the butterfly encounter I did and Divine Mother kept popping out 🙂

    Didn't get my white car...he refused my counter offer that was only $500 less so I'm taking it as a sign that it's just not my car. Although it's entirely possible I'm just being stubborn! My lower offer is based on the mileage and he was a jerk from the get-go. I detest car shopping and car salesmen drive me batty!!!

    So let's hope the good luck is on its way soon 🙂

  • Maybe the good luck has already happened - as in missing out on a car that was not suitable for you or may have been more trouble than it was worth in the end.

  • Get yourself a big S truck........your cowboy is waiting! Let your shopping Angel show you who you REALLY are. Wild thing? Grown up and mature, responsible, perfectionist? When it's right it goes smooth. Never sit down with a shark. I've done it twice and soooo regretted it. Trust your shopping Angel.......just listen. I BLESSINGS!

  • LOL. We just agreed on a price...he did come down a bit more. Haven't gone down yet to sign papers. I was pretty hard on him too 🙂 The final price is less than market value and comes with a warranty to 100,000 miles so it's not like I got a terrible deal (sheepish grin). All the signs I was getting were telling me to take it...I just dug my heels in a bit because he rubbed me the wrong way!

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