Need a tarot reading

  • Would be very happy if someone can do a tarot reading for me on a very difficult and stuck situation I have been in where love is concerned. Will things improve and what can be done to get the situation unstuck?


    Would prefer if you email me instead otherwise posting the reading here is fine too.

    Many thanks! 🙂

  • ok I'll get to one for you. Will try and have up in few days...

  • Thanks so much! Can really do with some guidance and insight about this situation which has been weighing heavily on me.

  • Wanted you to know I drew your cards and will have reading up soon.

  • Thanks so much, look forward to the reading although the cards may not have a positive message about this...

  • I asked for a guide, in respects to what can help get things moving. Where shall the starting point be, so to speak.

    8 of cups (Rider Waite) demonstrates movement and the objective of the movement is cups (meaning, soul searching, maturing, getting priorities in order, a shift in perspective and priority).

    Shift in perspective and movement towards creating meaning for oneself and getting priorities in check, in which, the inspiration can be sparked by soul searching and maturing.

  • Hi there.

    Thanks so much for this! Much appreciated! Made perfect sense! I need to distance myself from the situation, walk away temporarily too for things to change. I see that now.

    Many thanks!

  • Your welcome.

    Another perspective for contemplation about something is to meditate on, is the lesson(s) that were meant, or purposed, to be learned in the relationship, job etc.

  • Oh yes, you are absolutely right! The situation won't change unless both of us learn our lessons. Apart from what you said ealier, I have to figure out what my lessons are exactly in this situation...

  • Pixe,

    This is a reading for your current situation. Other influences will show, however, this is your reading w/the advice for you.

    There are 2 to 3 people in this reading. I'm feeling situation is involving a man who has ties or connections with another woman. I'm feeling that the situation recently took a turn for the worse emotionally for you. Your message in present is that all is not lost (emotionally) for you. Three different personalities here. For you, situation is not moving forward. The main question is will this person leave what he has established thus far--no. Always be a battle on what path to take and what to do. It feels like you know the other person and was perhaps friends at some point. You may even hate to rock the boat. Do you work w/these people. In present, I'm feeiing like everything he has presented has run thru it's course--no other options or paths. I'm getting a feeling here that you're a water sign or emotional, nurturing type person. He's a more airy, vibrant whimsical. Too much hinges on him. He appears to be in the foundation of reading and you're crowing reading.


    Crowning--queen of cups

    present--3 of wands

    below--knight of wands

    situation--5 of cups



    future--3 of cups

    blocks--10 of coins


    advice--7 of wands

    outcome--queen of coins

  • Hi, thanks so much for the reading!

    I am not sure if there is another woman in the picture. He was married before to a very superficial materialistic type of woman ( don't know her personally) who always complained about them not having enough money. This is the main reason they split up. Being a Capricorn like me, he wants to be a good provider and is very money and security conscious. Unless he can be a good provider, he doesn't want to be in a relationship especially after the difficult relationship with his ex wife. We are from different countries. He also has low self confidence and apparently feels that we are not equals - he feels inferior. The 2 of wands card I often get in relation to him. There could be someone else in the picture but it could just symbolize his indecisiveness/reluctance to start a relationship right now.

  • Pixe, ill give you an example.

    I drew a card for, "what was the lesson meant to be learned with my relationship with X"

    I drew the 5 of wands

    The card is representing a lesson, therefore, it is within problems or challenges (testing times, so to speak) that we learn lessons. Therefore, we may reflect upon testing times or challenges, cycles, we want to close, so to speak.

    The 5 is of course a conflict card. The immediate response I got from visual recognition was, petty conflicts, that were made manifest from insecurity and control issues.

    I had never experienced this in a relationship before. I recognized how the Mother was very controlling and belittling while I dated the person. I noticed that she would create petty arguments and I also noticed that the guy I was dating fed into them and partook. Therefore, this indicated that the 'cord' was not yet cut. The mother would barge in his house and to his bedroom, calling him harsh names and he submitted.

    Well, analyzing the nature of he and his mother, I should have made the inference then; because of course, that is the way he started treating me. This would also become a matter that I would have to deal with on a regular basis, his mother and her need to have things her way and her mentality of 'every girl her sons date' are not good enough. She wanted to have control over her sons newborn and couldn't even wait until the child was born. This child is another woman's child and this mother had spent approximately 1500 on cloths, stroller etc. prior to birth, was strategically trying to get her daughter in law to move to her town, so she could watch the baby, had the mother of the baby's womb photo put up on her mantle and so on.

    This relationship exposed me to petty hassles and nonsense caused by family and children who are still somewhat wrapped around their mother's finger tips.

    This gave me a very big realization about a relationship and that if you are going to commit to a partner for the long run, you are somewhat marrying his or her family.

    The thought of having a child with a mother in law that wants it herself and a guy that is still a baby, in respects that he had not disconnected before I met him, on his own, his own will, along with gaining the manhood and maturity from making that disconnect.

    So now, I am cautious in regards to how a guy interacts with his family, how they interact with each other and how much of an identity he has of his own.

  • Ok, that makes sense. Hope I helped somewhat.

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